More Murdered Mouse

Oh my grief!   This mouse is determined to get on my ever loving LAST nerve!!    It started its shenanigans again tonight.    Not working, not responding.    I (smartly) looked on the back, and the light kept blinking on and off.     Now, I know those batteries, that I JUST put in there a WEEK ago, are not bad!    {I really said “them”, but I’m trying to clean it up for all the Grammar Nazis.   You’re welcome.}

I might murder it myself this time!    What ever could be wrong???     So, like the techno whiz that I am, ( since I fixed the problem last time, I can call myself that now.   Uh huh!!!   I can so!!)  I opened the back to investigate.   Lo and behold, the batteries were loose!     More aggravation!    But, at least this time it was such a super simple fix, I didn’t even need to get outta my chair!!!    (And ya know how lazy I am, so not having ta get up is a good thing.   A very good thing!)

And now, to top it all off, I can’t find the previous mouse pix in my media library!!    Am I really gonna haf ta get out my phone, turn over the mouse, and take another picture???    Really??  I ain’t got time for this!!

mouse with the light on

The light is on! YAY!!


Hurray!   There it is!    {No jokes from the peanut gallery about needing stronger glasses, please.}

Now, let’s just wait and see what other tricks this mouse has up its sleeve to annoy me to no end.  

Okay, so mice have no sleeves.   Up its circuits???


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11 thoughts on “More Murdered Mouse

  1. So funny! We have a Logitech mouse that is also slowly giving up the ghost. First, the kids bonked the sensor so it was not as responsive as it used to be, but we could still use it. Then someone dropped it off the couch onto the hardwood floor and the sensor doesn’t work at all. We have a laptop so it’s not essential, but we should replace it eventually.

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