Bland Blankie

PP Jr is set to make her entrance soon.   And I don’t know who’s more excited, me or her parents!    (DD1 and SIL).     Just kiddin!    I know it’s me!!!    I get to be an Omie for the second time!    And PP will be a big sister!

So, ya know the drill.   Gotta make her a baby quilt.   (I was gonna title this post “PP Jr’s Quilt, but I’m on probation with my BBFFJ for alliteration violations!!)

Here’s the 3 fabrics for the front side.

3 gender neutral fabrics for baby quilt

3 “Gender Neutral” Fabrics



Not sure what the back will be yet.    The reason that it’s so much yellow, and green, and blue is, they wanted gender neutral.    Well, that went against my grain, but since they’re the parents, and control how much I can see the baby, I figured I better do what they said!    lol   So, this is the best I could make myself do for gender neutral.       See all the yellow?    and green?     and even blue in there too!!    Oh, so ya wanna know about the pink??    Well, gender neutral includes all the colors, amiright??

That’s why I called it a bland blankie, not enough pink for me!!

Here are some of the squares, cut out.

quilt squares cut out for baby quilt

And yes, my arm and hand are both wore out now!


Here is a finished 9 patch.

PPJr's gender neutral quilt's 9 patch

Coming along quite nicely!!

Starting the actual quilting.   Why does it go wonky???

misaligned quilt edges , humor

See how the edges no longer align??? AUGH!!


And here is the quilt fini!!

finished baby quilt, wonky edges, made with love

Well, it’s done. Wonky edges and all. At least it’s made with love!



On to Kim’s!!



32 thoughts on “Bland Blankie

  1. I LOVE gender neutral fabrics, I don’t much like pink myself and I am totally frustrated with how almost every single pair jimmy jams (that’s pyjamas) for women are pink *Hurramph* I’m glad I got to see the cute blankie you’ve been talking about. Finally got some time to catch up on stuff. you’ve done a lovely job with it!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Absolutely darling! You always have the cutest things going on at your sewing machine my friend. keep it up!!! I don’t think it’s bland by the way:)

    Liked by 1 person

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