Facebook Finished

Well, I’ve done it now.

In my pursuit of holiness, I deleted my Facebook account.

Purplelinda is Grumpy Dwarf

Who me???


(I promise, this hasn’t turned into a purely religious blog, but I write about my life.…)

I’m sure people will roll their eyes, when they see that.   I tried to get off a month or so ago. That lasted all of 3 days.    Well, try, try again!

There were just too many things that I had to hide, and block, and unfollow.    It was getting to be a serious pain.   So, in order not to have to worry about what people were posting, that showed up on MY news feed, I just figured getting out was the best option for me.

Really, the worst thing was yesterday.    A friend commented on another person’s post, so that post showed up in my feed.    When I saw the tiny profile pic of that unknown person, it looked funny, {funny hinky, not funny haha}.    So, I went to that person’s page.    Their profile pic was a pic of their crotch!!   Pants pulled down, and crotch shot for all the world to see.    I was so shocked and disgusted!     I immediately reported her, and the post, and messaged her to please take down that offensive pic.

Facebook purports to ban nudity.    So, how did a nude crotch shot make it by???

Yeah, I’m fighting too hard to keep my mind on the things of God to keep fighting all that, just to have social time.   So, I’m finished.

If ya wanna email, just leave a comment, and I’ll email you.

Let’s talk.

(Oh yeah, now I gotta find another source for my memes, for Sarah Eliza.   But, hey, hunting stuff is good for me.    I was getting too lazy there.)

33 thoughts on “Facebook Finished

  1. Well done..to having the courage of your convictions…I have on occassions nearly deleted my account…I have blocked so many people or reported them it’s not even funny anymore but I also learn a lot so my Fb page now is recipes and more recipes, healthy stuff..I keep away from controversary thingies( I am always right) don’t give me your view if it’s not mine…lol. If you want to chat my e-mail is caroltaylor56@hotmail.com. Well done you 🙂

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  2. I like WordPress but still get swear words and some negative stuff but I put it into Spam. People who delete rather than spam are not “teaching” the computer based programs what to sort out. I have never FB’ D.
    Hope you find happiness and we can stay friends. 🙂

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