Hypothyroid Health

Hypothyroid health is actually an oxymoron.   {No, I didn’t call you a moron!}

Since hypothyroidism is a disease, you can’t say, “Disease health”.     But, thyroid health didn’t alliterate, and I don’t want any tickets for not alliterating!     *cough* BBFFJ *cough*

Anyway, so my thyroid levels have been fluctuating.    (AGAIN)      My Doctor sent me for a thyroid sonogram, which I’ve never had before.    Which the Dr. said was strange, since I’ve been on thyroid meds for 27 years now.     I joked that I’d find out if I was pregnant or not!   {BTW, I’m not. } 

humor, winky face

YAY!! So relieved!

 I got the results last Tuesday that my thyroid gland is normal, no enlargement, no nodules.  I had a sound sonogram.    {see what I did there??}

 Which is excellent news!   But then why do I have so much trouble staying level??

humor, thyroid gland

What a beautiful thyroid gland you have, Melinda!


Why, thank you!!   Yours is lovely too, I’m sure!



Then, the next day, the Dr. herself calls to tell me she has to lower my med dose again.   What??    After being suicidal for that week, you want to lower it again????   sigh   Here we go again, back on the merry-go-round.

Now I have an endrocrinologist appointment in May.    I know I’ll have more testing to go through.   But, hopefully he can figure out how to help me!

And you know I’ll be sure to let you know the outcome!!

23 thoughts on “Hypothyroid Health

  1. My husband is having horrid hypothyroid histrionics (I also only needed thyroid but this worked better) as well. He wears 4 – 10 layers of shirts depending on the time of year and at the moment wears two fleece jackets over top. The doctors all agree it is his thyroid, but can’t agree on how or what treatment to use. Here’s hoping you both get things worked out.

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