Market Meal

The last Monday in March, I took my neighbor, Jeanette, to a Seniors only produce market.   We only had to pay $5, and got a LOT of stuff!

A quart of strawberries, which I skipped, 2 oranges, box of mushrooms, 3 onions, 2 zucchini, 2 yellow squash, 1 bundle organic asparagus, {Ooooohh! Fancy!} 5 # potatoes, 2 ripe, very ripe, avocados, a bunch, bundle? stem? of long leaf lettuce.   I’m not sure what kind it is, just what it isn’t.    It’s not iceberg, butter, or Bibb, because they’re all round heads.   It doesn’t matter, really.   It’s long, green, and leafy!    And last, but not least, a strawberry pie, which I was gonna skip too.   But Jeanette grabbed one and put it in my bag.

“You paid for this, get all you paid for!”   Now, she has 2 pies!

Wow, that was a long prologue!

Jeanette said, “Those mushrooms are almost gone.   If you don’t cook them today, you’ll have to throw them away.”    She probably felt like she was wasting her breath, knowing full well, I don’t do the “C” word!

But, to my shock, that’s exactly what I did, when I got home!    I didn’t want to have to throw away the mushrooms, so I got busy.

First I sliced up the onion.

sliced onion, humor

Why am I crying??



Then, I fried sauteed them with the pre-cut mushrooms.     {And of COURSE the alarm went off!}

I steamed the asparagus in the microwave.


humor, steaming asparagus in microwave

See, I really DO know how to use a kitchen appliance!


Added a piece of ham left over from Easter at my Mama’s, and Voila!

A yummy market meal!

humor, onion skins, asparagus stems

Scraps and skin, proving I cooked!





21 thoughts on “Market Meal

  1. Gosh, you didn’t cook the asparagus stalks too? I usually cut off the last 2 inches and fry the rest up. To keep onions from making your eyes leak use a sharp (like really sharp) knife and try not have your head right over the fumes.

    I have never heard of a seniors only market but I think it an absolutely AWESOME idea. I wish my mum had access to one.

    Liked by 1 person

    • No, I only like the tips. The stalks were too tough for me, I find.
      Well, I avoid crying by avoiding cutting them up! 😉
      It is awesome! I wish everyone in the world could go to one. People need fresh, cheap food!


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