Kim’s Kwilt, Coming!

As I mentioned before, I’m working on DD2’s T-shirt kwilt for her graduation, as an Optometrist, in May.   So exciting!!    There’ll be a Doctor in the house!!

So, I’m working.   Hard.   On the days I’m not hardly working.   Kim’s kwilt is coming along nicely.

Here are the T-shirts:

bag of old T shirts

Apparently old T-shirts are not as yucky as old sheets. Who knew??


“Sew”, {See what I did there?} now I’m seriously working on it.   Only 1 month, minus 1 day to go!!!    On no!!!!!

I pre-washed all the sashing materials, which I will use for the borders, as well.  

humor, slob, quilting

She wanted all the different colors of her schools.


The backing is still a mystery.   When I get paid again, in May, then I’ll go hunting for that, and the filling.    The front is the hard part!    Once it’s done, sandwiching it all together is almost a breeze!    (Almost, I say.   Remember the Bland Blankie going wonky???)

For those lazy among you who don’t wanna waste your time re-reading about that painful memory, here’s a visual:

misaligned quilt edges , humor

See how the edges no longer align??? AUGH!!


NOW I know that flannel stretches!   It’s 100% cotton, so how did I know???

Okay, I’m in the midst of ironing on fusible web, to stiffen the T-shirt, so they won’t ravel when I sew them together.

Then, some had to have double-sided webbing, because they were going to be appliques.

slob, humor, quilting

Turns out, iron “on”s also iron “off”. Who knew??

Yeah, so that happened!   Oops!    That’s why the directions say “Use a pressing cloth.”   Probably because someone else did that, and sued, so now they have to put warning labels, for the idiots distracted folks like me.   Now, I MUST use a pressing cloth, or I’ll iron these numbers onto something else!

After I did that, I was done for the day.    When I start making big boo-boos, quitting time!

Sayonara till Monday.    More memes to come!


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