Roxie aka “The Other Cat” Is Bored !

Roxie is my very favoritest cat! I’m the Official Fan Club President, too!!

Around ZuZu's Barn

IMG_7416 2Hi, It’s Roxie D. checking in…

As you know, I like to snoop  pay attention to what goes on around here and complain about  share my findings with all of you. It’s been really boring lately, but I have been reading some of the posts Mom leaves up on the laptop and interesting stuff is happening in other places.

Russ Towne is in the process of marketing his books and even has some new ones coming out soon. (Russ is like the new Doctor Seuss.) Mom reads them out IMG_2184loud to kids when they come to visit. I listen, too, because his books are way more interesting than those  ZuZu stories in  A Berkshire Tale. But then, there’s not much to work with when your main character is She Who Will Not Be Named (again). You should visit his blog. He writes poetry and short stories and even has  books on…

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