Scootin Scooter

{Ya know what?   It was really hard not to write “Boot” before the scootin, and “Boogie” after!     But, since they didn’t alliterate, I was saved from myself!}

Okay, down to the real reason for this rambling man rhetoric: Scootin my Scooter.  

slob, humor, scooter

Ta-da! My scooter. Yes, you’ve seen it before. And probably will again. When my leg goes out, I’d be crawling on the ground without this baby!


My backrest had broken.   I was inconsolable.    Whenever I leaned back on it, I leaned WAY back!    Like so far back, I was(almost) on my back!   (But did I stop and take a selfie of this horrible state??    I’m sure you can all say it with me: “NOOOOO.”)

Anyway, I was resigned to suffer this torture indefinitely.    [Due to my funds being NOT fluid at present, due to saving for the trip in May to see DD2 graduate as a Doctor!! paying back 2 loans I owe, and having to buy piddley little stuff, like toilet paper, and food! Thankfully neighbor, Jeanette, borrowed it.    The seat got on her nerves so bad, she said “We gotta FIX this!”    Do tell!!    And she is the woman with a plan!    In her shed, she found a board just the right size, cut down a little, painted it for me!!    {Can you guess the color??   I think you can!!}  and bolted it to the supports. 

slob, humor, scooter

My brand new back!!


Aaaahhhhh!   When I rode it today, I thought I’d been upgraded to a luxury scooter!    Amazing what a small thing it takes to make me happy!!    A cushion that sets up straight, instead of sagging?    I’m all kinds of gleeful!!

Now, wonder what I have to do to get shocks on it???

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