Saddled Stallion

This is my last Wendy’s cup ever.

slob, humor, drink

Wendy is such a cutie! And a cup chock full of sweet nectar!

 Like, ever ever!   {I hope!!}

Huh??  And what exactly does that have to do with a saddled stallion???

Hold on!   I’ll tell ya, if you’ll just hold your horses!   

humor, winky face, slob

YAY!! So relieved!


Since I’m back up on my GF (gluten free), bandwagon, I figured it was well past time to saddle up the sugar-free stallion, as well.


Do you realize how HARD this is gonna be for me???

Maybe I just need to say the SODA-free stallion, instead of sugar!    Right??    Yeah, yeah!!   That’s the ticket!!   Only promise to give up soda, that we called Coke all my life.

That way I can still have brownies, cake, donuts….

Uh-uh-uhh!!    [finger wag]     What??       You’re already GF, remember??      Oh, yeah, that.   Um, I can still have cheesecake!     What??      Yeah, really!!     Using almond flour, and stevia.      Good deal!!

slob, humor, gluten-free

Yummy!! GF, AND sugar-free! Therefore, I can eat ALL of it, right?? (Ok, I did share 2 pieces….)


And, I found some GF brownie cookies that are excellent!!     But, since they cost $5 a dozen, they’ll have to be a rare treat!

So, buh-bye sweetness….

slob, humor

Farewell, my love. I’ll miss you!!

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