Catchy Categories

After reading my BBFFJ’s blog for a while now, I realized I had way too many categories,   (Only about 100 too many, plus or minus ten).  

slob, humor, blog

Some of the categories


 So, I started weeding them out.   Some were so easy to get rid of: I had clutter and clutter(.).  No angst there!   I also had ASlobComesClean, Dana, Nony, and   4 categories for the same blog/person!!    Overkill, anyone??

All the other different spellings went to file 13, as well.   (Do we still call it that here in the blogosphere??   Then, I had crazy, and cray-cray.   Well, call me crazy, but I decided I didn’t need either one!   (But did I think of taking any pix??  Well, of course not!!   I didn’t know I wanted to write about it, till I started writing!)    

Just today, I culled down from 5 {FIVE!!} pages of categories on my dashboard, to only 3 .   Yay!!

slob, humor, screen shot

Count ’em! A one, a two, a 3! Anyone remember Lawrence Welk??


After all that purging, I think I deserve a brownie!   Yes, a GF brownie.   Takes some of the pleasure out of it, but I’m adjusting!    As long as it’s chocolate, and sweet!!   {BTW, I’ve discovered Udi’s GF chocolate cupcakes!   I’m in LOVE!!!!}

An after pix.   [I still don’t know how to take screen shots.   Except to literally take a shot of the screen.   Horrible quality, I know.   But, you still love me right??]

slob, humor, blog

Some that survived the “Ruthless Purge of ’16”



May’s Mommy Mwuahahas

It’s already the end of May??   Wow, 2016 is flying!

Here is May’s Mommy Mwuahahas for your laughing pleasure!


slob, humor, 3rd trimester



slob, humor, baby feet

Whatever they do is the cutest thing in the world!

slob, humor, bedtime

The operative word being “try”!!

slob, humor, Jesus' birth announcement

This one is funny!

slob, humor, spend time with kids

This is not funny, but it sure is true!!


slob, humor, junk drawer

Yup! She’s got it down!

slob, humor, German kinder

Get it??

slob, humor, mother's helper

Yes, please!! right Jenny??

slob, humor, bi-polar mom

I’ve met her! (Sometimes I WAS her!)


slob, humor, kid needs to pee

Well, this is a Daddy one, but still applies!

And last, but certainly not least…

slob, humor, taking pix of kids

Nobody does this one!! (Uh, just like ALL of us!!)



May’s Mommy Mwuahahas gave your liver a massage, if you belly laughed!   Laughs, and exercise all in one!   You’re welcome!


See ya next Monday with more memes!



















Laundry Love

Since I’ve moved into my newest new place, I haven’t had any laundry appliances.   Well, I take that back.   The lady left a stackable washer/dryer, that she SAID worked.

slob, humor, washing machine

Mine was not shiny and new like these!


So, of course, since I believed her, I used it.   BIG mistake!   The washer was so outta balance, it flooded the little laundry room closet, and continued on into PP’s play porch.   Oh great!   NOT!!

But, at least the dryer part worked! So, the clothes were clean(ish), and now dry.   So, I mopped up the mess, with some dirty, very handy for that purpose!, towels.   And took the rest to (long-suffering) Sweet Friend’s to finish.

Later, he came over, and disconnected it, then I got a repairman out to look at it.   It was dead as a door nail!   The broken part, was not even manufactured any more.   OF course!!

So, eventually XH pushed it out onto the driveway, so I could call the trash pick up.  To my surprise, a little while later, a guy stops, and asks how much I want for it!   I said free, the washer doesn’t work.  He came back shortly with a truck, and hauled it away!!   YES!!!        fist pump

That’s gonna be one huge paperweight!

So, since the laundry room closet, was now empty, I decided to tidy it up for its new occupant.   (I had faith that there would be one!!)   You probably won’t believe this, but I swept!   Yes, I did!  Me!!

No pix of course.   Do ya know how hard it is to take a selfie whilst holding a broom??   Let’s just say, where was a selfie stick when I needed one??


And here is my brand new, thanks to sweet Sissy, washing machine!!  

slob, humor, laundry

My new washing machine


Yay for having a working laundromat in my own place again!!   (It’s been a long 11 months of hauling hampers, folks!!)

And the hampers still love to eat my stinky clothes!

I’m good, just as long as the dryer doesn’t eat them!   The hampers always cough them back up!!



Honesty is the best policy.  You’ve heard it all your life.   And, it really is!

Kids, if your parents say this to you, TRUST them!    They have been there, done that, and hidden the T-shirt from you!!



Having the Holy Spirit living inside me is a wonderful way to stay honest.    When I ask Him to help me not lie, boy is He ever Johnny-on-the-spot!

For example, in Man, Much? I said “This time I haven’t looked for a man.”    Immediately I felt a “check” in my spirit.   And I thought, oh that’s right, except for that one time on line. A “check” in your spirit is when you feel God nudging you, but not like an audible voice or anything.

And an honesty meme, thanks to Jenny from Unremarkable Files for posting on her Facebook page.

slob, humor, terrible housekeeper

Yep, pretty much says it all!




Wow, I really am preaching a lot lately!   I never knew I wanted to be a preacher!   lol



Van Vacuum

Vanronica was a “mommy van”.  

slob, humor, family

Sis’ family, before Jeffery died, and Ranger had to be re-homed.


If you have kids, or know someone with kids, ya know what I mean!

So, now it’s an Omie van, and I wanted it to start out clean, anyway!   Pretty soon, it’ll be back to “mommy van” status, I’m sure!   When the grands are “hun-gy”, ya gotta feed them!   Preferably cookies!   And chocolate!   {PP knows where her treat drawer is, in the house, trust me!}   All she has to do is bat those big, blue eyes, and Omie melts into a puddle.   “Here darlin’, have whatever you want!”

So, here is a few befores:

I spread the baking soda just to freshen up things.    (But it ended up making more work for myself Sweet Friend!)

slob, humor, baking soda

Whose idea was it to sprinkle baking soda again??

slob, humor, cleaning

Just needs a bit o’ vacuuming!

And a few afters:

slob, humor, cleaning

Still see the traces of baking soda, huh? I told you it made more work!

slob, humor, cleaning

AAhhh!! So nice and clean!


(Thank you so much, Sweet Friend for doing the actual vacuuming part!!   Hey, I spread out the baking soda, don’t forget!   I did my part!)  

There!   Nice and tidy- until the first time PP rides in it!!   I’m gonna try to train her to throw trash in a bag….  but, I’m not real hopeful.   She already had been “floor trained” in Burgundy.   She saw me throw stuff in the floor, so she did too.   But then she never saw me picking it up, when I should have been letting her help me clean!

We’ll see how it goes….

Van Vetting

The van didn’t really need vetting, but that’s a good alliterative title!

slob, humor, vehicle

Chrysler Town and Country. Nice! Stow and Go- luxury model even! I’ve moved up in the world!


It was Sis’ van, so I knew it was in good working condition.   She had even just bought brand new tires in January!   Woo hoo!   And, she had a oil change plan, that had 2 free oil changes left on it!   Double woo hoo!!

But then, when I took it in, they discovered a HUGE problem!

A tail light bulb was out!!   What would I ever do??   If I drove down the road like that, no one would see me stop!   They’d crash into me and I’d die!!

And it cost SO much money!!   They wanted a whole SEVEN dollars!!   Yes, I said SEVEN!!   Highway robbery, almost!   

Instead, Sweet friend fixed it for free!   Cuz super Sis already had the bulb in the van, waiting!   Triple woo hoo!!

slob, humor, vehicle

Lookit at the love Sis left me! (Look at the steering wheel.)

slob, humor, vehicle

All the back seats fold into the floor. So cool!

See how handy??   There’s even room to carry a washing machine back there!!   True story!

Okay, I think I’ve convinced you that I got a FABULOUS deal from my generous Sister.   It was more than generous!   (What’s the next level up from generous??)

Pssst   remember that google thesaurus thing we talked about??   This would be the time to use it again.


Magnanimous!   That’s it!   My magnanimous Sister!!   Thank you again, a million times, Sis!!   I love you!   And not just cuz of the van, either!

slob, humor, heart


Okay. Down to the business of naming the van.

Wow, I’m already at 277 words!  That went quick!   Can y’all hang in there with me, for a little bit??   Or ya want me to split up this post??

I can’t hear you!!

So, with there being no “nay” votes, onward we go!

Mama suggested “Silver” as a name.   But I already explained why that’s a no.

Then Gary jumped into the fray.  His quick mind came up with all kinds of suggestions!

“Vanity” from “Verity” was a good one.   So was “Vanonica” from “Veronica”.    I just took that 1 step further, and ta da!   

Her name is now, and forever more shall be “Her Royal Majesty the Queen of all Vans,  Vanronica”

Vanronica for short.

Thanks Gary for all your help!!




Holiday Hahas

Here we are 15 weeks later, and I’m still going strong with the Monday memes.   Sarah Eliza, you created a monster!  Ha ( how many ha-s do you have to have for it to be hahas??)

On to the laughing.


ready for Jesus' birthday, humor

How many candles is it this year??

humor, monks changing Stonehenge daylight savings time

That’s a holiday, right?? A nightmare holiday, maybe!


humor, Facebook post reminds wish happy birthday



humor, kid can't sleep on new year's

ALL parents can relate to this! Might not be so funny either.


humor, plan own surprise party

Yup, I’m getting there!

Hmmm, that’s 3 birthday memes.  Maybe I should have named this one “Birthday Bwahahahas”???

humor, kid plays with box, not present

True story.

humor, Thanksgiving whole family together without police

Or is that just MY family??


humor, pretend Valentine's from Biblical times

Biblical Valentine’s!



Done??  Belly muscles sore yet??  If not, I need to do better about finding funnier material!!

Fiction’s Food Focus

2nd day of Gary’s quote challenge.   First day here.

Ya know, Gary from Fiction’s Food?    Yeah, him.   Well, he challenged me to quote stuff.   So that’s my focus today.

slob, humor, food

Speaking of food, this is REAL food!


The first time, I quoted myself.   I know!   So egotistical, right??   But, I have a lot of good stuff to say!

Alright, I suppose other people do too.

Today’s quote is from the Bible.   {Anyone surprised by that?   If ya are, I haven’t been vocal enough about my faith!}

slob, humor, Bible

My latest, and newest favorite


Proverbs 15:13

“A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance; but by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken.”  KJV

The reason I chose this verse about the countenance, is that one of my acquaintances saw me the other day, and said “You look different.”

I asked what he meant.

“Your face is calm.”

That compliment thrilled me!   As you know, I’ve been working hard on holiness, and pleasing God lately.   Also, cultivating a deep attitude of gratitude.

Evidently my contentment is showing on my face!   Thank you God!!

Okay, back to the challenge.

Here’s the fun part where I get to call out 3 of y’all!!

First I’m tagging a new friend.  (And you’ll see why I like her!)



and last but not least, another brand new friend:


Let’s hear it, ladies, and gentleman!   What do you have to say??



Dang it Dan!

Today I just want to brag that all the dishes are clean!!   YAY!!   Aren’t we ALL proud of me??!!

Here’s proof.

slob, humor, clean dishes

All done done! Notice the pink bottle and sippy are clean now too!!


See?   Even the sink is empty!

slob, humor, sink

Nice empty sink. Shine, schmine.


clears throat

I hate to burst your little bubble, {See what we did there?} but may I ask what is that???

points to purple cup


quickly deflated

Oh.   tears in voice   Well, dang it Dan!!   I really thought I was all done for once!

Now I remember!   I couldn’t get the lid off with wet hands, cuz I screwed it on so tight!   So, ya see, it isn’t my fault!

And so it’s the cup’s fault??

Yep!  I’m glad you agree!

Maybe next time…

Here’s hoping!



Blueberry Bliss

You’re never gonna believe this!!!   In fact, ya better sit down for it!   (Remember what happened last time I warned ya??   I’m still not responsible for your doctor bills, if ya remain standing!!)

Okay, here goes:

I went blueberry picking!   OUTSIDE!!   STANDING UP!!

(Blues just seemed appropriate for a blueberry post.)

For your eyes only:

slob, humor, berry picking

Look at me- outside and everything!!


I even lasted 25 whole minutes, to my complete shock!

I ended up with 2 lbs of farm fresh blueberries.

slob, humor, berries

I did pretty good!

(But how is it that I ended up with a stink bug in there, when I didn’t see it till I got home??)


Sshh about the ones I ate!

slob, humor, eating berries

Quality control testing!


Guess what I had in my salad that night???   Gave some to DD1 and PP (that little girl of mine LOVES her fresh fruit!   I’m so glad!)   And froze most of the rest, for later.   Frozen blueberries will be a treat when I don’t have any fresh, for future salads!

And a recipe coming up soon, that’s outta this world!

A WHAT???   Did I hear you say “recipe”???   As in you COOKED???

Well, not cooked really, more like combined ingredients and ate it!   Anyway, you’ll know it when you see it.

Buh-bye blueberries, down the hatch!