Trilling Trash

Well, it wasn’t really trilling like a bird.   More like water boiling.   No, that’s not it either.   Growling??    Gurgling like a drain– that’s it!!    (Sorta….)

I eyed the trash can very suspiciously.   WHY was it making noise???   And most importantly, HOW??????    I knew for sure there were no animals in it!!

I had just cleaned out my fridge.   I dumped in the beef-a-roni can, with NO thought whatsoever of recycling!!   I scooped the rotten roasted red peppers outta the sink, and threw them in the trash.    And so on, and so on.

I debated whether or not to give y’all the visual.   Aww, who am I kiddin??   Y’all LOVE to see my messes!!  Makes your messes SO much smaller by comparison!   Amiright???

slob, humor, trash

My trash eats better than I do!


I kept looking in it, in puzzlement, my brain whirling, and whirling.   How in this world was the garbage making that sound????

Well, the Reddi-Wip can you see wasn’t the only one.   Yup, I had 2 cans of whipped cream, that I allowed to go to waste.    hangs head in shame      And worse, they had been there since Christmas!

Have you guessed yet???    Uh huh, whipped cream cans can spray ALL BY THEMSELVES!!!   Well, when they’re upside down, with the help of 2 tons (approximately) of trash on top of them!!

Mystery solved.   Whew!!

12 thoughts on “Trilling Trash

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