Kim’s Kwilt Continued

Well, mercy me.   It feels like I’ve been working on Kim’s kwilt for years now!!     Tho, if I had been, it’d be done by now!!

So, today is May 2.   I have exactly 17 days to have it fini, and wrapped up.    It’s a race against the clock, folks!!    Can I do it??   Even if I finish only by the hair of my chinny chin chin, I’ll do it!!

Here are a coupla sneak peeks:

slob, humor, quilting

The 19 has borders on the square to make it large enough. The blue is sashing between squares.


slob, humor, quilting

The far side of the 19 square.


I laid out all the squares, and decided on the pattern.   Then, I started stitching the squares together, with the sashing in between.   I finished 2 whole rows!!    {No one needs to know that each row only has 5 T-shirts in it!!}   Then, I sashed the 2 rows together.

slob, humor, quilting

2 rows done!! OOps! Upside down! Sorry!

Looking good! If I do say so myself, who shouldn’t!!

Now, I’m exhausted!!!    After I get this written, it’s nap time!!!    (Isn’t it always???)









21 thoughts on “Kim’s Kwilt Continued

  1. That is so cool! Do you use any type of stabilizer on the back side of each block, or do they stay in place pretty well on their own? I have 2 requests to make these but I need to get through some current projects first.

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  2. Melinda, you are SO Talented!!! I always marvel at your skill and what you have crafting girl. I wish I could make something like that. You are amazing:)

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