Menee Minee Mo Meme

Today’s meme post doesn’t have a theme.    I know!    How lazy of me!!

Whatever, just shut up and laugh!

humor, blank meme

Or your “sense” of spelling!!

humor, checking time at work, skeleton

When I was working, this happened ALL.THE.TIME.


humor, stephen with a ph


humor, phone dies, monkey


humor, old tv used as coffee table



humor, nap challenge, work up to 2 hour nap

Challenge accepted!


humor, geography test, map shirt

Someday that boy will be a politician. “I did not cheat on that test!”

humor, truthful auto correct

Wait, what??


humor, crush walks into class

Oh yeah!!


humor, bucket list, fill with cereal, eat

Better than the toddler’s bucket list!



One more……

humor, gotta go, no plans, just prefer home

Hey, points for honesty!!



Menee minee mo meme, which one did you pick???

14 thoughts on “Menee Minee Mo Meme

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