Ugh.   Just  Ugh…

There are no words.

slob, humor, dishes



Ugly, ain’t it??


How oh how could I let it get like this again???   I know better!   I’ve been doing better!

No words, but lots of excuses...

I’ve been watching the grands a lot.

I’m tired.

I’m too busy.

I’m on a deadline here, with Kim’s Kwilt, remember???

It’s only a few day’s dishes...

But I filled the oatmeal bowls with water to soak…

No time now, gotta go…


So, okay.   suck it up, buttercup.   Just DO it!

slob, humor, washing dishes

Ding! Round 1


There.    That looks a whole lot better!


Uh huh, but what about this???

slob, humor, dishes

Oh, I guess I’m not done, huh?

Yeah, about that….




slob, humor, dishes

Almost, but not quite.


1 final excuse….        I don’t know if I have another bottle brush…

And ya can’t look?

No, cuz it’s under the sink, if I have one, and I can’t bend over that far, without clunking forward on my head.

Uh, huuuuh.   Well, since we don’t want to be responsible for you cracking your head open, and bleeding to death, we’ll let it go for now.   But you better figure it out!   We’ll be back to inspect!


So close!!





20 thoughts on “Ugh..Ugh…Ugly

  1. Whoa! I just got lost in Ping-back land. Way too many deja-vus! (Or veggie-dooze, as I call them). Notice, I’ve not said a word about paper plates. (I think I may write a post about paper napkins this weekend. Not sure, yet.) Take care and fingers crossed, I may just win the lottery. You know what that means – a purple dishwasher for you, Lucy! Love, Ethel

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  2. I’m learning that doing them when there are hardly any is a lot easier then waiting the few days, I still fail at that pretty much every weekend though. No wonder I don’t get on with Monday’s. Looks like you’re doing just fine.

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