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I can’t believe this!   Here it is already May, and I haven’t told you the fantastic news!!   What’s wrong with me??     Don’t answer that, it’d take too long…

Anyway,   drum roll please…

PPJr has graced us with her presence!

Now, isn’t that the best news you’ve heard all week??

She is such a beautiful baby!   And no, I’m not the least bit prejudiced!

Even her “monkey feet”, as SIL called them!   (I was incensed, till I saw them!   She’ll make an excellent tree climber, just like Daddy!)

slob, humor, baby feet

See that gap between her big toe, and second??   The better to grip the tree trunk! 


She was almost 10 lbs, just like PP, and DD1.   We build ’em big in this family!

Holding her hand, I pray I’ll always hold her heart, too.

slob, humor, baby hand

Holding her is pure bliss!


Holding 2 grand babies close to my heart, is the closest I’ve been to heaven, since I held my 2 babies in my arms!

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