Honesty is the best policy.  You’ve heard it all your life.   And, it really is!

Kids, if your parents say this to you, TRUST them!    They have been there, done that, and hidden the T-shirt from you!!



Having the Holy Spirit living inside me is a wonderful way to stay honest.    When I ask Him to help me not lie, boy is He ever Johnny-on-the-spot!

For example, in Man, Much? I said “This time I haven’t looked for a man.”    Immediately I felt a “check” in my spirit.   And I thought, oh that’s right, except for that one time on line. A “check” in your spirit is when you feel God nudging you, but not like an audible voice or anything.

And an honesty meme, thanks to Jenny from Unremarkable Files for posting on her Facebook page.

slob, humor, terrible housekeeper

Yep, pretty much says it all!




Wow, I really am preaching a lot lately!   I never knew I wanted to be a preacher!   lol



10 thoughts on “Honesty

  1. Funny how we find a way to blame others for those kinds of things. I am reading a book on parenting right now and he talks about modes of self-protection. Blame is one of them. It’s easier to blame than to say it’s my fault. Ouch. Honesty is hard but worth it.

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  2. Preach it dear lady. Every Christian is like his LORD Jesus. Did he not call Himself the Light of the world and did He not encourage us to let our light shine so brightly? I do enjoy nice posts like this one.

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