May’s Mommy Mwuahahas

It’s already the end of May??   Wow, 2016 is flying!

Here is May’s Mommy Mwuahahas for your laughing pleasure!


slob, humor, 3rd trimester



slob, humor, baby feet

Whatever they do is the cutest thing in the world!

slob, humor, bedtime

The operative word being “try”!!

slob, humor, Jesus' birth announcement

This one is funny!

slob, humor, spend time with kids

This is not funny, but it sure is true!!


slob, humor, junk drawer

Yup! She’s got it down!

slob, humor, German kinder

Get it??

slob, humor, mother's helper

Yes, please!! right Jenny??

slob, humor, bi-polar mom

I’ve met her! (Sometimes I WAS her!)


slob, humor, kid needs to pee

Well, this is a Daddy one, but still applies!

And last, but certainly not least…

slob, humor, taking pix of kids

Nobody does this one!! (Uh, just like ALL of us!!)



May’s Mommy Mwuahahas gave your liver a massage, if you belly laughed!   Laughs, and exercise all in one!   You’re welcome!


See ya next Monday with more memes!



















21 thoughts on “May’s Mommy Mwuahahas

  1. I liked the German reference of “kinders” and the cutest baby with foot in the mouth. 🙂
    Happy Memorial Day, dear. Don’t strawberries blueberries and whipped cream sound delicious? Now, if only they served them at my Mom’s senior dining room! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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