Fiction’s Food Focus

2nd day of Gary’s quote challenge.   First day here.

Ya know, Gary from Fiction’s Food?    Yeah, him.   Well, he challenged me to quote stuff.   So that’s my focus today.

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Speaking of food, this is REAL food!


The first time, I quoted myself.   I know!   So egotistical, right??   But, I have a lot of good stuff to say!

Alright, I suppose other people do too.

Today’s quote is from the Bible.   {Anyone surprised by that?   If ya are, I haven’t been vocal enough about my faith!}

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My latest, and newest favorite


Proverbs 15:13

“A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance; but by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken.”  KJV

The reason I chose this verse about the countenance, is that one of my acquaintances saw me the other day, and said “You look different.”

I asked what he meant.

“Your face is calm.”

That compliment thrilled me!   As you know, I’ve been working hard on holiness, and pleasing God lately.   Also, cultivating a deep attitude of gratitude.

Evidently my contentment is showing on my face!   Thank you God!!

Okay, back to the challenge.

Here’s the fun part where I get to call out 3 of y’all!!

First I’m tagging a new friend.  (And you’ll see why I like her!)



and last but not least, another brand new friend:


Let’s hear it, ladies, and gentleman!   What do you have to say??




Dang it Dan!

Today I just want to brag that all the dishes are clean!!   YAY!!   Aren’t we ALL proud of me??!!

Here’s proof.

slob, humor, clean dishes

All done done! Notice the pink bottle and sippy are clean now too!!


See?   Even the sink is empty!

slob, humor, sink

Nice empty sink. Shine, schmine.


clears throat

I hate to burst your little bubble, {See what we did there?} but may I ask what is that???

points to purple cup


quickly deflated

Oh.   tears in voice   Well, dang it Dan!!   I really thought I was all done for once!

Now I remember!   I couldn’t get the lid off with wet hands, cuz I screwed it on so tight!   So, ya see, it isn’t my fault!

And so it’s the cup’s fault??

Yep!  I’m glad you agree!

Maybe next time…

Here’s hoping!



Blueberry Bliss

You’re never gonna believe this!!!   In fact, ya better sit down for it!   (Remember what happened last time I warned ya??   I’m still not responsible for your doctor bills, if ya remain standing!!)

Okay, here goes:

I went blueberry picking!   OUTSIDE!!   STANDING UP!!

(Blues just seemed appropriate for a blueberry post.)

For your eyes only:

slob, humor, berry picking

Look at me- outside and everything!!


I even lasted 25 whole minutes, to my complete shock!

I ended up with 2 lbs of farm fresh blueberries.

slob, humor, berries

I did pretty good!

(But how is it that I ended up with a stink bug in there, when I didn’t see it till I got home??)


Sshh about the ones I ate!

slob, humor, eating berries

Quality control testing!


Guess what I had in my salad that night???   Gave some to DD1 and PP (that little girl of mine LOVES her fresh fruit!   I’m so glad!)   And froze most of the rest, for later.   Frozen blueberries will be a treat when I don’t have any fresh, for future salads!

And a recipe coming up soon, that’s outta this world!

A WHAT???   Did I hear you say “recipe”???   As in you COOKED???

Well, not cooked really, more like combined ingredients and ate it!   Anyway, you’ll know it when you see it.

Buh-bye blueberries, down the hatch!


Man, Much?

Okay, I gots thoughts all jumbled up today.  {Yes, I said “gots” on purpose.}    So, if you can’t follow the thought processes, just raise your hand, and I’ll try to back up, and make it clearer.   (Clear as mud, I’m sure.)   Alrighty then, here we go!!

This is my 3rd divorce.   I am very ashamed of that fact.   But, I comfort myself with the thought that at least they (the first 2) were to the same person.   Does that make sense??   I felt like at least I was pouring out all the misery on only 1 man, instead of making 2 men miserable.

slob, humor, nuclear family

Original married family. Look how little the girls are! Look how thin we parents are!

(My jacket was actually purple.   Why do some shades show up blue??)

And I always just knew I couldn’t live without a man, to take care of me, and just generally be there for me.   So, shortly, very shortly, after both divorces, I had snagged me another man.   Then, after the first divorce, we got remarried.   Then, it didn’t work out again.   Was anyone surprised??    I think not.   Pretty much, I’m sure everyone saw that train wreck coming VERY clearly.

After the 2nd divorce, I was with my second husband.   {2nd man, 3rd marriage.   Still following?   Good.}  

slob, humor, wedding photo

Mr and Mrs Roberto Antonio Sanchez

(That man was SO handsome!    I’m a little teary eyed right now.   I haven’t looked at these photos in YEARS.)

 After only 2 months of marriage, he died of cancer.   Which was kinda good, because we would have gotten divorced too, I’m sure.   I was rough to live with, due to all my own issues, and he was too, due to his.    Plus, he was Latin, so, he met my flair for drama, and LOUD screaming talking fights, with his own high level!   The volume in our house, was probably what caused me to start hearing loss!   (Let’s just say I was very grateful for concrete block walls, instead of wood frame!)   Much as we loved each other, it was a volatile relationship.   He never physically abused me, but we all know words can cause hurts so deep, they never heal.

So, after he died, I was so deep in grief, and depression that I cried every day for 10 months.  I lost my job, almost became homeless, etc, etc.   On the first day of the 11th month, I woke up, and decided I would smile at anyone who smiled at me that day.    I was so weary of crying, and being depressed.   I had felt for a time, that I wanted to die too.   But God had plans for me.   Namely, to stay alive!   😀

I had managed without a man for 10 months, because I was so focused on the dead one.   Can you guess what happened??   Yep, that very day is when I met Ranch Man, (XH) and we were together every day after that.   Our marriage lasted 13 years.

slob, humor, husband

PurpleSlob and Ranch Man, (now XH)


But this divorce is different.   I haven’t tried to find another man.   (Whoops, that’s a lie.   I went online to meet someone, and got cat fished.   But at least I figured it out within a week or so!   And that dampened my desire for another man tremendously!)

So, this time, I have focused on having my own life, not looking for another man, to build a life around, because I can’t be alone.   Before, I was almost pathologically afraid to be alone.  I didn’t think I was strong enough to go thru life, without leaning on a man. 

Don’t get me wrong, when I need to lift 50 lbs, I still call for muscles!   I ain’t trying to give myself a hernia, go to hospital for emergency surgery, catch a staph infection, and die, just so I won’t depend on a man!!   I know my physical limits!!   (About 10 lbs….well, 12, since that’s how much PPJr weighs now.)

I’ve found out, I CAN live without a man!   All I need is Jesus, my family, and friends!   I get my hugs from Mama, Sis, Brother, Shirley, DD1PP, and PPJr.   

Solitude can be soothing to my soul.   As long as I am choosing to be alone to enjoy stillness, not isolating due to depression.   Hearing my chimes on a soft breeze, the birds adding their sweet sounds, is healing for the mind, and spirit.

Wow, I’m really wound up today!   I don’t usually preach this long!

Believer’s Bwahaha

Believer’s bwahaha is what I came up with because Christian Crack-ups  2 didn’t you know what.

Here they are for your pleasure.

humor, cloud 8 could be happier



humor, pour gatorade over pastor's head

Can you imagine??


humor, not gossip, sharing opinions

Ummm, yeah…


humor grace not license to sin

Good one!


humor, one job



humor, girl is pretty and knows God's Word

Go girl!!



humor, is Bible app light saber

I wanna know!!


humor, loving enemy, mad face

Yup! I recognize that face!


humor, Moses basket, water damage

Belly laugh!!


humor, wait there's myrrh

Ancient Billy Mays??


humor, Noah kept bees in Ark Hives

Only Dad.


cross is the one way

Not funny at all, truth!!


humor, desperate girl Song of Solomon

Oh, girl. Bless her heart.


hear God



And last, but not least:

humor, pastor is 42, looks 82

Man, that’s rough!!




News Now

I can’t believe this!   Here it is already May, and I haven’t told you the fantastic news!!   What’s wrong with me??     Don’t answer that, it’d take too long…

Anyway,   drum roll please…

PPJr has graced us with her presence!

Now, isn’t that the best news you’ve heard all week??

She is such a beautiful baby!   And no, I’m not the least bit prejudiced!

Even her “monkey feet”, as SIL called them!   (I was incensed, till I saw them!   She’ll make an excellent tree climber, just like Daddy!)

slob, humor, baby feet

See that gap between her big toe, and second??   The better to grip the tree trunk! 


She was almost 10 lbs, just like PP, and DD1.   We build ’em big in this family!

Holding her hand, I pray I’ll always hold her heart, too.

slob, humor, baby hand

Holding her is pure bliss!


Holding 2 grand babies close to my heart, is the closest I’ve been to heaven, since I held my 2 babies in my arms!


Ugh.   Just  Ugh…

There are no words.

slob, humor, dishes



Ugly, ain’t it??


How oh how could I let it get like this again???   I know better!   I’ve been doing better!

No words, but lots of excuses...

I’ve been watching the grands a lot.

I’m tired.

I’m too busy.

I’m on a deadline here, with Kim’s Kwilt, remember???

It’s only a few day’s dishes...

But I filled the oatmeal bowls with water to soak…

No time now, gotta go…


So, okay.   suck it up, buttercup.   Just DO it!

slob, humor, washing dishes

Ding! Round 1


There.    That looks a whole lot better!


Uh huh, but what about this???

slob, humor, dishes

Oh, I guess I’m not done, huh?

Yeah, about that….




slob, humor, dishes

Almost, but not quite.


1 final excuse….        I don’t know if I have another bottle brush…

And ya can’t look?

No, cuz it’s under the sink, if I have one, and I can’t bend over that far, without clunking forward on my head.

Uh, huuuuh.   Well, since we don’t want to be responsible for you cracking your head open, and bleeding to death, we’ll let it go for now.   But you better figure it out!   We’ll be back to inspect!


So close!!