Jazzy Jasmine

My confederate Jasmine is blooming!   It makes me feel jazzy!

slob, humor, jasmine

So beautiful!

The scent is heavenly!                           For the first 2 seconds.   Then it’s cloying aroma is overbearing!   I start to sneeze, my eyes itch, and my nose turns red.   So attractive!!   I’ve turned into a perfume Nazi!!    Oh noooo!    Jasmine used to be one of my favorites.   Now all I want to do is kill it!   Kill it dead!

Are you glad or sad that we don’t have smellovision this time??

And the flowering vine is so big, and the blossoms so abundant, there ain’t no way to escape it either!

The shape of the flowers is why it’s also called “Star Jasmine.”   And for some reason, that I can’t figure out, it’s also called “Chinese Jasmine”.

slob, humor, flowers

I definitely can see where the “star” part of its name came from!


When I had Burgundy, she was so low, its branches weren’t a problem.   But now that I have Vanronica, whoa baby!   It’s a problem!   She feels like Jazzy hates her, and is trying to scalp her!!


slob, humor, plant

Look at those huge legs! trunks! Jazzy intends to stand her ground!

She even got her hooks tendrils on the next post!

slob, humor, vines

Jazzy is wrapping up the post in her love.


Conniving little thing that she is.   I think world domination is her agenda!!

But I think she overlooked the fact that everyone will smell her coming!!

Partying Hard Here:

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