Finally Fiction’s Food Finished

Finally!!   The quote challenge from Gary at FictionIsFood is finished!

But what was the problem?   Doesn’t everyone take 3 weeks to finish a 3 day task??

Uh, not really.   But it’s ok, Melinda.   You just do you.

Why, thank you!!

Today I’m gonna quote Brittany  Torrano.   I met her on my BBFFJ’s site, Mostly Blogging.   This quote was so appealing, I knew I had to steal borrow it!

“When you can, go for the WHY.  The why is an enticer. It’s the smell of fresh pastries from a bakery.”

insert pic of fresh pastries here   I would do that very thing, if I dared walk into a bakery!   So, here you have a pic of who-knows-how-many-years-old-pastries from Google.   Thanks, Google!   (Hey, I have a friend with a dog named Google!   Hi, Cindy D.!!)

slob, humor, pastries

courtesy of

(Where’s that smellovision when ya need it??   Of course, if they’re in fact years old, do we really wanna smell ’em??)

See “why” I had to use this quote??   Cuz I’m hungry, that’s why!!   Or else because I like you.   One of those 2.   (Gary, you have infected me with your ramblings!!)

Why didn’t I use the word “Why” in my headline??   Then my SEO would be sky high!  {I think.   I really have no idea how that works.   Even tho Janice has tried to tell me more than once.}

Now, where was I??   Oh yeah, avoiding the bakery.   No, that wasn’t it.   whirring sounds as mind desperately tries to think

Oh yes! Quoting Gary!   No,no, that wasn’t it either.   Visiting Cindy D.??   Never mind!   I’m headed to take a nap!

ahem   clears throat   uh, Melinda?


Do you think you could finish what you were doing, before the nap??   Ya know, sometime today??

Oh, oh yeah!   Of course!!!   I was just kiddin about the nap, anyways!

no, you weren’t

Okay, so I meant it.   Who’re you now, my nap monitor??

Anyways,  eye roll   the next 3 victims honorees are:




Have at it ladies!   Quote away!

Oh wait!  I forgot that Jenny couldn’t participate, (she JUST had a baby!!  What was I thinking???) so I need to tag 1 more person.  And because there wasn’t a rule to say I couldn’t, I pick Gary.   No tag backs!


28 thoughts on “Finally Fiction’s Food Finished

  1. Shoot that’s the third time I’ve been tagged to redo a challenge I’ve already done….I need to start making a list….what to do post kindness challenge…..oh yes…write books….not challenges 🙃

    Mind you quotes are easy…Nick and go stuff…..Liebster I’m not sure about….that’s needs thinks….

    Still, it is good to see the madness here is still, well, entirely mad….brilliant….the sort of read a morning needs to start with 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh. My. GAWD. Melinda! This post made me laugh out loud! You had me right there with you the entire time. The fact you mentioned you thought the picture from Google was years old??? I absolutely loved it. And please! Teach me your ways! If I see a bakery that looks even halfway decent, I’m in there faster than you can say, “muffin top.” (I’m, of course, referring to the human kind, not the actual top of a baked good. Lol) Brilliant post, Melinda. Thank you for the laugh😆

    Liked by 1 person

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