Condemned Killer

Melinda!!   You horrify me!!   The killing’s gotta STOP!!

What now??  I haven’t killed any more!   (Recently!!)

But I still remember the animals!   The horror!!   Poor Bossy,  Poor Kitty, poor, poor Ellie.   And who could forget the mouse??

And I DIDN’T kill the Interns, remember???

Sheepishly nods head.

But the plants!!   Polly Poinsettia!  

slob, humor, poisoned plant

Poor Polly Poinsettia!


What about her??      

And the cactus??

Now, that’s not fair!!   The cactus was 29 years ago!!   That hurts my feelings that you’d even mention that one!!

Okay, you’re right, I need to leave bygones be bygones.

Especially ones from two decades ago!!

Okay!   I’ll only talk about murders you’ve committed THIS year!

The roaches!!   The flies!!   

Not to mention ALL the plant foods you’ve devastated!!

Oh, yeah, I am a killer of quite a few veggies and fruits in my time.


slob, humor, food

REAL food!

The squashes, the tomatoes, the lettuce, on and on and on….

And of course, now I can’t find ANY of the pix I took of all my rotten food.    Only me!   I take pix of all my ugliness, then I get mad when they disappear!    WHY am I so tech challenged??   I’m sure I could find pix on the webz of rotten food, but I want them to be of MY rotten food!


What were we talking about again??   Oh yeah!   I gotta stop  being a killer!

slob, humor, empty grape vine

Decimated these grapes. Wiped ’em out completely.

Well, if ya ask me, the fruits and veggies are just asking for it!!

But, seems as if being a killer is condemned, so…. must needs stop.

NOW what’m I gonna eat???



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