Church Chuckles

Merry Monday!   Lookee there, I DID find another alliterative title!   Go, me!

No, really!   Go, so the people can read in peace!

slob, humor, meme



slob, humor, meme



slob, humor, meme

Yeah… about that….

slob, humor, meme

(No need for comment here.)

slob, humor, meme

Nope!! Ain’t happening! [Is anybody else thinking Sponge Bob?]

slob, humor, meme



slob, humor, meme


(Anybody else wonder how they get these animals to pose the way they want them???)

slob, humor, meme

Not funny, just true!



glow dark


slob, humor, meme

Lol!! What else could it mean??


I hope you had some chuckles, from these church memes.    I know I did!

Until next week, this is The Purple Slob saying, go with God.


11 thoughts on “Church Chuckles

  1. Nice and humour laden as usual. It’s a provocation to a nearness to the Creator. The last words, I believe, is “go to JESUS”. It’s simply because all the Testamentary names of God are telescoped in one name: JESUS. Amen.

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