Kindled Kindness

My friend Gary, that challenged me to a quote off, Fiction’sFood, wrote this on his blog, and I just had to share with y’all.    I haven’t re-blogged his article in its entirety, (because it contained science stuff, which is waaay too close to math stuff for my comfort!), but the most important points.  As defined by me, myself, and I of course.

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Revolution of Kindness.  I got this from Gary @ FictionIsFood



Stephen Hawking suffers from ” the debilitating disease with which he has battled for decades; amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or motor neurone disease (MND).

In a nutshell, for those unfamiliar with MND, it is the deterioration of the motor nerves that control everything from movement to speech, the ability to chew and swallow. A disease that eventually leaves you in a shell, immobile and entirely dependant upon others to survive, if you so choose to call it an existence. Imagine a world in which you can hear everything, think and rationalise but not speak out or communicate; to be truly locked in and paralysed. A thinking vegetable with a life expectancy of around 18 months.

And yet, Hawking has struggled with this since his student days, defied his disability and become a scientific brain of extraordinary genius. Is it not possible theoretical physics gave him a reason to live and a drive that others might not be able to find? I imagine it to be a disease that slowly turns you mad until the end is greeted as a friend. Obviously these are my own thoughts and others may have differing view points, but if you are wondering why I chose the MND aspect of the great man himself then it is because my mother fell foul of this beast of a disease some years back. I’ve seen it play out first hand and would never wish this on the darkest of enemies.

However, Hawking represents not giving up…ever. You can’t get more disabled and yet he has never stopped battling, striving for more knowledge and sharing it with the world. I remember looking at my mum, then at the life of Hawking and not getting jealous or envious of his longevity, despite the odds against it. Far from it, I thought fair play you. If others could see you and what you have lived through, that I too have seen, then others should not perceive anything as impossible.

My message in inspiration here is simple. Next time you see a person with a disability, addiction, mental health problem or similar. Stop and think for a moment. Is your life really that bad compared to them? If it was you would you really want people to stare, avoid or joke about you? Can you open a door, say hello, smile or offer help? Things I’ve mentioned before about neighbours and the elderly are now expanded to those less fortunate than you. All I can say is take what you have now for granted at your peril. Treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself…or, put another way, you reap what you sow.”




© G Jefferies and Fictionisfood, 2016. All rights reserved.

All emphasis mine.

See why I had to share it with y’all??   Since I have disabilities myself,  I feel I need to speak up for all others who have differences, whether seen or not.    We are ALL human beings.   We ALL just want to be loved and accepted!!

So join the revolution of kindness today!   I guarantee you will never regret it!


12 thoughts on “Kindled Kindness

  1. The man is a living legend, an inspiration to all of us. This post was quite thought provoking. We must count our blessings before we wail for all that’s wrong in our life. And helping the less fortunate will be the noblest task we do, day after day. 🙂

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