Flowing Flood

The water was running in the bathroom sink for a l o n g time.  But, I didn’t worry, cuz PP usually takes a 10 min soak whenever she washes her hands.

My first clue of trouble, was seeing her round the corner, with the water still running.

“Uh oh, Omie! Uh oh!”

So, I jumped up and ran hobbled as fast as I could.

Yeah!  Uh oh indeed!

The bathroom sink had become the River Jordan!!

The flood was flowing over the counter top, (where the tp sits!!), down the cabinet doors, and soaking into the floor, and BUT!!mostly missing the rugs.  YAY!!  At least the RUGS didn’t get ALL wet!

slob, humor, rug

Only half wet!

Quickly, I turned off the tap.

Hey!  When did she bring that sponge in here????

slob, humor, sponge

The culprit!

I’m sure that sponge dove into the sink by itself!!   My darling PP would surely not have caused such a mess herself!!

slob, humor, water running


Wasn’t worried about blog pix during the actual event!!

And, she did go grab dirty towels to sop it up!

And wiped down the cabinet doors.

Sadly, the tp was a total wash.   Moment of silence please for my loss.

slob, humor, wet tp

Photo Credit: www.karianna.us    Something happened to MY photo, so I had to go hunt one down.

I hope she learned her lesson.

But, just in case, I’ll start frisking her every time she goes to wash her hands!!

22 thoughts on “Flowing Flood

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