Blogger Blessing

Another AWARD!!  Yay me!!   I just love recognition, awards, applause…  basically any attention at all!!   Yep, I’m an attention hound!

Brenda, a new friend at Camellia’s Cottage, nominated me for a second Blogger Recognition Award.  Here’s her link, so you can go visit her.

She’s a true southern lady!   Make sure ya tell her I sent ya, ya hear?

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How pretty is this?? Thank you Brenda!



Now, Bloggers – should you choose to accept this award, here are the rules:

  • Write a post to show your award.
  • Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you.
  • Give a brief story of how you started your blog.
  • Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  • Nominate 15 bloggers who deserve this award.


Well, of course I accept!!   Y’all who know me, know I’m an attention hog fer sure!!

So, here comes #1!!

And this is it!!   Thank you, Brenda, for the nomination!   I’m so glad I found you, and made a new friend!   What a blessing!

Oh wait!  Was that #1, or #2??   Do I have start all over again, cuz I mixed it up??  

gets all in a tizzy, runs around like a chicken with its head chopped off, and faints from the exertion

Well, I was sick (and tired) of having a nasty house, hence the slob part of the name.   And, I love adore  am passionate about the color purple, hence that part of my name.  I was plain sick, too.   Hence the recovery part of the name.   {Are you tired of seeing “hence” yet??}

So, I hunted around Googled “slob”.   ASlobComesClean came up.   Once I read her first post, I was hooked!   I had found my people!   AND, she was a real slob, just like me!   SO, I thought to myself, “Self, if Nony can do it, so can you!”

And here I am, 2 years later, an expert slogger!   {slob blogger, I’m also lazy, so anytime I can make 1 word do, I will!}    (Expert- Bwahaha!   I think I’m so funny!)

slob, humor, appreciation

No, thank YOU!!


I certainly hope that was brief enough to qualify for #3!

#4. Hmmm, give advice…  That sounds so bossy!   And I’m just the woman for the job!!   I’ve been told I’m bossy, ever since Bro. could talk!  So, about 5 decades now!   (But, just cuz it’s repeated {constantly}, doesn’t mean it’s true.   Right?   RIGHT???

      First piece of advice, make sure you really want to do this!!   It sucks all your time!!   But, it’s so rewarding and fun, you don’t care!!   My BBFF (Best Blogging Friend Forever) Janice, assures everyone that we can blog, and still find the time to sleep!!



      Second, and this is IMPERATIVE!!!    Learn how to properly use hyperlinks!!   And use those puppies every opportunity you get!!   {Kinda like I did in this post!!}

Okay, last but not least, name 15 other bloggers to grace with my presence, oops, I mean this award!

Whew! I made it thru the first 4 rules, for me that’s amazing!

Here are my suckers nominees, in no particular order:


Brenda (no, not the same one, but that gives me an idea!) 

slob, humor, idea

Oh how I WANT to have purple hair! (again)








Ethel, I mean Claremary

Romy (a brand new friend!)






Stella (She purfylles my life!)


Susie  (Yes, I can have 2 friends with the same name, even 2 sets of friends with the same names!)



Janice’s Jewel

YAY!!  I’m so excited!!  My BBFFJ, (Best Blogging Friend Forever Janice) just mentioned me again on her blog!!    No wonder I love her!!   (We have a kinda mutual admiration society going on!   Membership of 2!!)

In her post:

This is What You Need to Know to Get More Traffic from Content Syndication Sites

Content Syndication brings #bloggers traffic #bloggingShe wrote this about me:

“Melinda from PurpleSlobinRecovery asked me recently if I sleep. An understandable question since I work outside the home at a full-time job, have a family, and I publish on my blog five times a week.”


Her answer was yes, she does in fact sleep!  How??   By taking shortcuts.   Blogging shortcuts.

That’s the jewel that Janice’s blog reveals: how to take shortcuts!

Anyway, I’ll let you go over and read the article.   No need for me to repeat the whole thing here!   The important thing was that she mentioned me!   Again!!

So thrilled!!

I had no idea of this- but I was nominated for a Best Blogger Award!!   And when I tell you it’s an honor just to be nominated, I’m not kidding!!    I’m thrilled!!

Sherri mentioned the 2nd Annual Blogger Bash, in London.   Then she said to go check out Hugh’s post.  And he said, Sacha would have the winners posted on her blog.

So, nosy curious as I am, I went to see who’s who!

And what do I see???   But me!!

Bloggers Bash Awards 2016Ladies and gentleman it has been an honour to host and run the second annual blogger bash awards.

For those of you not able to join us, next week I will post my speech along with links to the masterclass that was presented.

Without further ado, it is time to announce the winners of the 2016 Bloggers Bash Awards.

FunniestFirst in Funniest blogger. The nominees were as follows:

Barb TaubLucy Mitchell (Blonde Write More)Tara SparlingLinda (nutsrok)Ned HicksonMeghan SaraSeumas GallacherBun KaryadoRoss MurrayBeth HaslamAl the AuthorRonnieMarcia MearaDonnaChristian TouchetTim- things as they areTamzen TempleTabbyFiction FanPaul LanderMelinda,

Last, but not least!!   I’m there!!

(And did you notice?   The ribbons are purple too!!   Yipee!!)

My heart is still beating harder in excitement!!    

slob, humor, heart




Why didn’t anybody tell me??

Who did it??   Well, whoever you are that nominated me, THANK YOU!!

Hugs and kisses for you, my mystery fan!!  

slob, humor, love

I love you, my readers!!


I found out who she is!!  Sherri Matthews!!  Thank you Sherri!!

Pin Party !!

Interns Incidents

The interns, Jessica and Carly did so much!   The incidents of them helping me, were in no particular order:

Carly cleaned the air purifier filters.

slob, humor, cleaning

Great job, Carly!! Thanks!

And de-cluttered under the micro cabinet.

Jessica purged the shelves above the micro.

They swept and swiffered kitchen/ dining/living rooms.   They’re all really just one big room.   I like to name them separately, just to pretend I have a bigger house than I do!

Jessica folded clothes, then cleaned the couch cushions.   I didn’t even know that could be done!    Lol

slob, humor, cleaning

Pulling out the cushions to clean them. Yes, PP thinks the couch is the perfect storage for her art studio, apparently!


Both girls totally did our church proud!   Thank you Pastors Keith Conley, and Rob Morrow, from Harvest Assembly of God, for sending them over to help me!


Harvest Assembly in Lakeland, Fl.     Come visit us!

Memes Minus Me

So memes minus me, would basically be “mes.”    And mess is what it is right now!   I’m stuck on any other name to call today’s memes.   So, mess it is!

I don’t even have a theme today, either!   Just throwing stuff at you, whatever you laugh at, me happy!    Memes minus a theme, minus a title.   Smh- what a mess.

slob, humor, meme

Me too!! With purple crayons, just like Harold!

slob, humor, cat meme

Why, no! That would be rude!


slob, humor, weather meme

Me either!! Except for me- it’s the heat!

slob, humor, Jesus meme



slob, humor, dog meme

That would be me, if I was a dog!


slob, humor, donation meme

Anybody else??? Oh, just me then.


slob, humor, laundry meme

You got that right!

slob, humor, laundry meme

That’s my plan this Christmas!



That’s my plan this Christmas! ( I do nor KNOW how this happened, but I can’t get rid of it!!)

Lastly , or the last laugh:

slob, humor, meme

Now we know!


Happiness is now within our grasp, at long last!!

Party Time!!  Woot Woot!


Facebook Fore

Ok, since I made such a BIG deal about getting off Facebook, I now need to make a confession.

I have rejoined the unwashed masses, the teeming throngs, the rest of the world.   Yep, I made a new FB account.

slob, humor, facebook

Self explanatory

But, this time I’m using it slightly differently.   I am not accepting the friend requests of every  person I’ve ever spoken to.    I’m not using it to stalk old boyfriends (not that I ever did that….).   

Mostly, I am using it to keep up with my ladies’ group at church, and talk to like minded people.    Not that I want to totally close myself off from other viewpoints.   I just want to enjoy a relaxing social time, on there, without arguing over every single thing I say and do (yes, that happened MORE than once).

AND, I don’t want to have to spend half my time hiding posts, and unfriending people, that post things I think are inappropriate (curse words, anything involving evil spirits, astrology, past lives, etc, etc.  And yes, that happened ALL the time, which led to my getting outta there originally.).

So, now I can have my Facebook, and enjoy it too.

slob, humor, facebook

(If I didn’t friend you, please don’t be mad.   I still like you.)


No sooner had I scheduled this post, than another incidence occurred.   One of my CHURCH ladies posted a funny meme.   I laughed, and liked it.   THEN, I glanced up to see where it was from.   Lo and behold, the website was “F” it, let’s get a beer.   Really????    So, I quickly unliked it, deleted it, sent a screen shot of it to my friend, and told her this is why I have to unfriend you.   I can understand accidentally liking something.   I did it.  I can understand accidentally posting something.    But, PLEASE, I beg you, check it out and delete quickly if necessary!!     No one is perfect.  I KNOW that!   But, if “accidents” keep happening, it’s no longer an accident.

So, is FB too much for me to handle??   Do I just totally need to give it up, like TV??   I don’t wanna, but the hassle is getting to be not worth it AGAIN.   And I just rejoined recently!!


Interred Interns

No way!   Melinda!   I’m shocked!!

WHAT??   What is it??   What’s wrong??

You buried some interns??

Yep, plumb up to their necks, in fact!

Girl!!   I knew you were a killer, but!!   People now???   Not just animals???    The cat, the elephant, and the cow were all bad enough!!    When did you get the urge to kill people??

Wait, WHAT?????    Kill WHAT people???   I didn’t kill any people!

But, but, but, you just said you buried the interns up to their necks!!

In SLOBBERY!!!!   Not DIRT, well, not dirt in the ground so they’ll die, dirt!

slob, humor, dirt

They were buried, alrightey!  Just not 6 ft under!

Not the 6-feet-under kind of buried in dirt!

teeny, tiny voice    Oh.   Okay.   Well, good, then.

Don’t you have something else to say??

Um, yeah.   I’m so glad you didn’t kill them!!

exasperated   Anything ELSE??

Oh yeah, um, I’m sorry I thought you killed them.

Thank you.

Okay, now that we got THAT straight, maybe I proceed, please?

still in a teeny, tiny voice      Yes, please do.

Well, my church sent one of their interns, Jessica, to help me clean my house.    Since my leg has been acting up, and with the kwilt crunch,  housework just hasn’t been a priority.  


Okay, well, even less of a priority than ever!

So, Jessica came the first week, and did a bang-up job on the bathroom!   It hasn’t sparkled like that, since I paid Nicole to clean it back in Dec!!   And swept the hall.

The only before I took.

slob, humor, dirty floor

Right at beginning of hall, in front of fridge. And I promise, this one isn’t a mouse!


slob, humor, clean floor

Beautiful bare floor!! Cute toes, and nightgown hem, Melinda. Really, must your toes photobomb EVERY pix??


But, she works 2 paying jobs, plus interning at the church, so she has really limited time, as you can imagine.   So, this week, she brought Carly with her.

They cleaned and organized the kitchen.   Emptied 2 cabinets, and donated stuff!   YAY!    More clutter outta here!!

slob, humor, intern, decluttering

Jessica decluttering glasses, which were bequeathed to me with this trailer.

That Jessica is a no-nonsense get it done whirlwind!!   I love her!!!   I want to adopt her!!

Carly even unpacked my newest Joy.   {Thanks, Sis!!}

slob, humor, intern, Joy

Carly’s apparently a little camera shy.

slob, humor, mantel , Joy

Finally, Joy on my mantel! (The erstwhile holiday shelf.)


They did so much more!   I could go on and on all day.   But, I won’t.   cheers from the crowd   At least not today.   equally loud groans


But rest assured, I’ll be back, with the rest of the story.

Party Time!!






DD2’s a Doctor!!


As of May 20, 2016, DD2 is a Doctor!!   If you heard a tremendous noise that Friday, around 5 pm, EST, it was our family screaming for her, as she walked on stage to receive her doctorate!

Just hearing her name being called, (for the 3rd time in a graduation ceremony!!!) made me tear up with pride!   She is so smart, and dedicated!!   After HS, she has persevered, and labored for 9 long years, for this achievement!!

Kim has always been determined.   When she declared she was going to be an eye doctor, I knew she’d do it!!   When she puts her mind to it, nothing is impossible!

Here we are, after the ceremony.

slob, humor, graduate ceremony

Proud Mama and Doctor!!


(Lookit the pretty flowers.  They’re a whole nother story!!)

Here’s some of the family.   (At Golden Corral, after the ceremony.   Can’t celebrate without food, amiright???)

slob, humor, doctor, family

Me, Cuz Britt, Aunt Sherry, Dr. Kim

slob, humor, family, flowers

YAY, Grandmama! Thanks for the flowers!


Celebrating!!!   {I just can’t get enough of saying Dr. Kim!!   My baby is a Doctor!!}



slob, humor, Dr. Kim

“Good night, y’all!”


Dr. Kim saying a final bye.  

[Oh yeah, Vanronica is photobombing!  OR is it Dr. KIM who is photobombing Vanronica??]

Dr. Kim’s on her way to being the Surgeon General of Optometrists!

What??   There’s no such thing??    Trust me, she’ll MAKE it a thing!!


Congratulations on your success, Dr. Kim!!!


Tasty Tuna

Remember the recipe I told you to be on the look-out for, from Blueberry Bliss? 

Well, here it is!

I eat tuna a LOT, because it’s canned, and won’t go bad.   Very important to a slob!!   And, it has healthy fats to make my brain sharp, or something like that.   I can’t remember exactly.


Anyway, on to today’s topic.

Tasty Tuna Salad.

  1. Open a can of tuna.   (Extra points if it’s in spring water, and was on sale, with a coupon!)
  2. Drain.
  3. Dump in bowl.
  4. Add fresh blueberries.   (This is not an exact measurement.)
  5. Add Marie’s Bleu Cheese dressing.   (Is it supposed to taste better if they spell it that way??)
  6. Mix.
  7. Eat!
slob, humor, recipe

Tasty tuna Blueberry salad


Yeah, I know it looks kinda gross, but really, it’s yummy!   How can ya go wrong with blueberries in it???

Party Time!