Strainer Struggle

A while back, I found the prettiest sink drain strainer, that I’ve ever seen.


slob, humor, flowered sink strainer

Pretty petals!

Isn’t it gorgeous??

That tells you how far I’ve come in recovering my home from slobbery, when I think a sink strainer is gorgeous!  lol

I had it under the dish drainer.  But then, I had to struggle to see it.   And that bothered me.  Why bother to have a pretty, purple strainer, if I never see it??

slob, humor, dish drainer

Pretty, but hidden.

But, did I do anything about it?   Other than be irritated??    Well, those of you who know me, can answer that one!

NO!   Ya didn’t!   sigh

Then today, when I was actually cleaning out the drains themselves, 


I’m sorry, could you repeat that please??   I think I’m hearing things!!

Sure.   Today, when I was cleaning out the drains themselves,

Well, I’ll be!!   Miracles do still happen!!

Anyway!      {eye roll}

 I switched them, and now I smile every time I go to the sink!!

slob, humor, sink strainer

Ain’t she so pretty??

Purple makes everything better!

18 thoughts on “Strainer Struggle

  1. I’m on board. I love when a little, inexpensive thing can make a boring or odious task feel 100x better. Beautiful things make life better. We just got a few Japanese bowls (not purple, but still gorgeous) and you bet I won’t leave those crusted over with food.

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