Banana Bites

While I was in Dollar Tree (more on that later, in Heave Ho Hamper, next week), I was hungry!!    {Almost, but not quite to the point of hangry!   After all, how hangry can you be spending money??}

Looking around, I saw everything in the world to eat, that I couldn’t!!    I was trying very hard to be good.   I had already skipped the bun, cake, and chips at lunch.    {So, maybe I was a little hangry!}

I said a quick prayer, “Oh Lord!  WHAT can I eat??”    I wasn’t yelling at Him, just desperate to continue being faithful to my healthy eating!

SO, I looked in the frozen section, not really expecting to see anything, besides the usual suspects of popsicles, even ECLAIRS!!    Oh my!!    Then, what did I spy??    Bananas!     Wait, sliced bananas dipped in chocolate???    Be still my heart!!

slob, humor, frozen bananas

A REAL fruit snack?? For a dollar???? What’s the catch??


After a quick, really quick! scan of the ingredients, I had those puppies open and in my mouth!   What??   I know you eat in the store!!    It’s not like they had to weight them!!

slob, humor, eating banana slice

Giddy with delight!!

(Yeah, the other shoppers were looking at me like I was crazy- jokes on them- I am!!)

How many bites does it take to eat a banana slice?    Oh, I was supposed to chew????

I had to remember to stop and tell God, “THANKS, Dad!!”    I said it in my head, since my mouth was full of chocolately banana goodness!   I tell y’all, God answers prayer!!   He cares about even the little details of our lives!!

slob, humor, chocolate banana slices

Only 10 pieces, but what can you expect for a DOLLAR??!!

Now, I can’t wait to go to the Dollar Tree again, for more!!

10 thoughts on “Banana Bites

  1. You are seriously funny – if indeed that is not a complete contradiction! I love the picture – it sums up the madness of the eating frenzy when you find the ingredients list does not have plutonium listed. 🙂

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