Dun Dun Dun! Donate

Saw this post come thru my inbox.


WANTED: household items

Looking for any sort of household item from dishes and what knots to
pictures and decorative items also needed lawn care items like a good
mower and weed-eater. Thanks so much


And I thought “Hmmm, I just know I have some stuff sitting around.   I’ll go look.”   Boy, did I!!!!

Sheets, a few towels, a hamper, things that I thought I was out of and just bought more…. (paper towels, cleaning wipes, dish soap) on and on!

First thing was, 2 brand new twin sheet sets!    I just got rid of BOTH twin beds, so why do I still have the sheets??

A hamper, that I didn’t even remember I had, until last Monday.

slob, humor, basket

Buh-bye big, bulky basket!

Food that has sat in the pantry closet, since I moved in here, 7 whole months!!     {I totally forget there’s even a closet there, I just think “Oh, that’s a nice mirror, to reflect my gorgeous purple laundry hamper!”}    Don’t worry, I purged the expired stuff!!

slob, humor, pantry full of food

That’s a lot of food, to have forgotten I had!!

I finally got down on PP’s little stool and looked under the kitchen cabinet.   It was scary under there, Gary!

slob, humor, cleaning wipes

I did have cleaning wipes! Wow!! My memory had just been wiped clean.


Dun dun dun- donate!!

And here is the final result.

slob, humor, donation

Please ignore all baby stuff in background, and material. Just look at the stuff on the floor in the foreground!             A donation mountain!!    The lady, Debbie, is gonna be so happy!!

24 thoughts on “Dun Dun Dun! Donate

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  2. Organizing is such a constant task. We are redoing our kitchen and went through our pantry. Since there are only two of us, we tend to not use everything and forget we have stuff. I still buy in bulk at Costco – I can’t break myself of the habit of finding bargains, I guess. Anyway, we found something in there dated 2008. I finally parted with it. My pantry looks so much better. 🙂

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      • Wrong. That’s just one small cabinet in my house. But I come from a hoarder hero. My grandmother’s basement was full, all 1,000 cubic feet of storage space she had available as well as a 3 car garage. I have a few of the things rescued from her home when she closed shop and moved in with Mom.

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      • Not a chance. I started having garage sales when I was a kid and selling off mom’s antiques. That was a bad girl. However we do have a three car garage and can only park one car. My husband and I are both amateur hoarders. After listening to him gripe, I have cleaned out most of my school things which I kept for at least 15 years after I left the classroom. Goodwill gets most of my clothes which I go through about every 6 months or so. I keep a few just for keepsakes, and fabric and yarn, don’t get me started, but still it’s limited to a bag each under my bed. Who knows, I might start sewing again – even though I get so irritated when I do. 🙂

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      • Oh Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!! (How long I’ve been waiting to say that!! lol)
        Wow, you gave your school stuff away? After ONLY 15 years?? What if you went back to it?? That was my rational for keeping EVERYTHING!!
        Good for you for paring down!! If sewing irritates ya, don’t do it!!

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      • I haven’t been sewing for a long time. Vince and I talked about it yesterday, though. I’m not ready to just get rid of all of it, though. Both Mom and my first husband managed a fabric store in Portland. It’s part of my blood. 🙂

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