More Menu Monday

These are so funny!!   If I do say so myself, who shouldn’t.

Since I loooove food so much, I couldn’t resist bringing you more menu memes this Monday.

slob, humor, meme

Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to go??


slob, humor, meme

Oh the agony.


slob, humor, meme

Mine’s the bakery. Just sayin.

(OF COURSE it’s a GF bakery!!)

slob, humor, meme

Heh heh heh

slob, humor, meme

Make that 2!


slob, humor, meme

Look under “Plus Size” 10-14


slob, humor, meme

Oooh! Somebody in trouble!!

slob, humor, meme

Nope. And it don’t ever get better!

slob, humor, meme

Pizza- how do I love thee, let me count your shapes.

slob, humor, meme

Snicker, snicker


Oh great!!   Now, I’m hungry.

12 thoughts on “More Menu Monday

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