Broad Border

I’ve been re-blogged again!!    I know, I brag on myself sooo much, it’s sickening.    I just still can’t believe it when someone likes my stuff so much they re-blog it!!

I’ve never even see the name, Broad Border till today.   So, of course I returned the courtesy of going for a visit, and I like what I saw.    S/he blogs about many different things, faith in God, working with family, great hymns, and handbags, (that’s why I’m leaning twards she).

slob, humor, blog icon

She likes purple too! You know what that means! I already like her more now!


Go take a look see.  Maybe you’ll  find a new jewel to add to your collection!!


Hey!  Guess what??


If ya go to the About page, it tells ya a lot about the person!

Well, who woulda ever thunk???       DUH!

And oh yeah, I was write, right, she’s a girl!

Girls rule!


10 thoughts on “Broad Border

  1. Congratulations! Not really sure what a reblog is since people can’t actually
    do it 😦 But it sounds like a positive thing from all your jumping up,and down 🙂 Have a purple day!

    Liked by 1 person

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