Toddler Tornado

This toddler of mine, can be a veritable tornado!   She tears thru the house, cutting a wide swath of destruction in her wake!

Crafty crap stuff

slob, humor, craft mess

At least we know she’s creative!


Paint part


slob, humor, paint splotch

Purple paint on the counter.


Chocolate choice


She really enjoys her chocolate!    And generously shares with the cabinet, and table, and chair, and refridge door……


Glitter glue on white table??

slob, humor, toddler mess

I recognize the purple paint….. and probably that’s chocolate…. or maybe that’s the glitter glue, and due to Omie brain, I just can’t remember?


Tore up toys

slob, humor, mess

My personal mess, well, one of them! And not just my mess, to be fair (to me!!) it’s PP’s mess!

Oh good one, Melinda, blame the baby.

Hey, looks like she tried to corral the toys.   Did good too for an almost 3 yo!

Well, maybe we do need to work a little bit harder on the concept of cleaning up.   Oh, she knows what it is alright!    She just knows, anything goes at Omie’s.    Oh me!

And none of it matters!!   Cuz I LOVE that toddler!!   Tornado, and all!

11 thoughts on “Toddler Tornado

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  3. haha! I’m glad I can connect with someone. My house looks like this. I can pick up all my toddlers toys, and she doesn’t like the way the floor looks so she gets them all out again.

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