Done Dollhouse!

When I was in Hobby Lobby shopping for clearance crafts, and I saw the (expensive!) dollhouses, I thought, “Oh, how I’d love one of those for PP’s birthday, God!  But they’re too expensive. ” sigh


(This one is only $119.    And it’s the bottom of the line!)  

  And went on my merry way.   ALWAYS merry when I’m spending money!

But since I clearance shop, it’s never TOO much money.   Unlike that one time as a new mother when I spent $110 on clearance beads...    I never could figure out why hubs was so angry.    Didn’t he understand exactly HOW much MONEY I had just saved him????   (And no, I didn’t ever use all of them.    Do you know how many beads are $110 worth, when each pack is only like 25 cents???     Let me just tell you.    Eleventy million!!)

Anyway, life went on.   About 2 days later, I was over at Jeanette’s house, when her neighbor came out the door with {Drum roll, please!!}  a dollhouse!    She said, “Do you want this?   You were the first one I thought of.”     I almost snatched it outta her hands cried!   Then I told them about my prayer.   God loves me!!    (And He loves you too, just the same!!)

It had some boo boos, and bangs, but it had been well loved!    And she gave me all the pieces!

3 walls/floors were off, and the peaked roof was detached.   Yes, it had been thru a hurricane!

slob, humor, dollhouse

So, it’s missing a roof? No problem! Voila! It’s a skylight!


But, SF to the rescue!   I told him it was for PP’s bd, and he got all construction contractor on me!   (Just in case I’ve never explained it, Sweet Friend is my first EX, and therefore PP’s PopPop.)

slob, humor, dollhouse

Taking down some walls! It was too tall anyway.

He took that thing apart, then put it back together again, stronger than before!    (Missing an attic, but tra la!)

slob, humor, dollhouse

Yes, he cleaned up the construction site, and removed the nails!!

She was one happy little lady, when she saw it in her room!!   

And here it is , in all it’s glory, PP’s Dollhouse, Done!

slob, humor, dollhouse, and occupants

And her (generic) Barbie is very happily living there! With her pet zebra, and the Veggie Tale Nativity Stable, and half the cast, apparently.

Happy Birthday, PP!!   Omie, and PopPop love you!!


15 thoughts on “Done Dollhouse!

  1. You are a lucky woman – in the right place at the right time. (I won’t get into the “bead” thing right now – or any time soon!) SF is right there for you and your little one will have hours of fun with her thoughtful gift. (Does the doll house come with a dishwasher? I certainly hope so!)

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