Baked Bananas

Remember the chocolate banana bites??   Ummm, I do!!    They were so good!!   I’m still licking my chops!

Now, I’m always on the hunt for new GF snacks.    I have some all natural veggie chips that I LOVE!!!    But, they’re $5 a bag!!   Not very money wise!

At Publix I found some all natural baked bananas.     Oooohh!!!   Yummy!!!

slob, humor, banana chip bag

Nuttin but the facts, folks.


And they were only $3 and change.   YAY!!!

Sorry, no pix of me eating them.   I barely had time to take this pic, before my mouth swallowed them (almost) whole!

slob, humor, dried bananas

Dehydrated banana chips. So berry good!!

Crunchy & sweet!!   The ultimate snack!!   I highly recommend ’em!!    Tell the manager PurpleSlob sent ya!   {Maybe I’ll get a discount!   I can always hope!!}

21 thoughts on “Baked Bananas

  1. Alternative snacks and…healthy..ish…but alternative to chocolate…is this true?? I find healthy has now become an acquired taste after years of taste bud corruption 😱

    It’s been too long my blogging friend, but this very day I have found a solution to my carpet bomb deletion of blog related emails….lists….I am populating lists in my reader with blogging friends URLs. Click on them and up pops all posts related to who is on the list!! Brilliant…different lists for different topics and searching friends down has just become easy…..yours is going into best blog friends right now…just saying 😁

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      • Absolutely….it’s taken me ages to figure out how to keep in touch with blogs that interact loads. I found in the reader page menu on the left is a category called lists. Here you can add new ones and call them whatever….more importantly you can add blogger URLs to them. If you then click on a list the reader displays the blog posts from ONLY people on the list. Furthermore if you individually click on the URL of a specific blog then the reader will only show that bloggers posts. So wish I’d worked this out before…..and rolling back…my last post went on the schedule thing you mentioned!!!

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      • No problem at all. You can have multiple lists too to separate out all those bloggers into niches that fit…suddenly email staring is so last week 🙃

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