Silly Sippys

SF and I were having an argument.    A silly, little argument, really.   I’m embarrassed to tell you the topic, silly.

Okay, if ya really wanna know, we were arguing over the color of the sippy cups he just bought.

Uh, huh.   Sippy cup colors.   Nice….

Well, at least this time I wasn’t the only passenger on the crazy train!!   SF never goes on that ride with me!!

See, here’s the new sippys he bought.

slob, humor, 2 sippy cups

Looks deceptively all purple.


So, understandably, he thought they were all purple.   But!!   I had already opened one, and given PP a drink in it.   So, I KNEW there was a green top on it!

WE argued for about 15 min. over the phone.   {Why no, I didn’t have anything else to do!    Why do you ask??}   Finally, I took a pic, and sent to him, to prove I was right!

slob, humor, purple and green sippy

Haha! There’s green in them there lids!


He capitulated!    That almost never happens!!

So, please forgive me if I crow a little!!


Uh, Melinda??

What now??

Actually, the top isn’t green.   It’s purple.   The ring is green.


Oh alright, so we were both right.   How often does that happen??

slob, humor, grandmother linky

I’m trying to figure out how to make it a real button!! Have patience, please!!

Meantime, here is the linky website.

16 thoughts on “Silly Sippys

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  5. Oh I love it, even with the green! But I know, you’re all about purple, huh? Thanks so much for joining in on our Blogging Grandmothers Link Party #1. We sure appreciate you partying with us!

    ps: Try the button code again, much smaller than the one you have here but thanks so much for supporting the party 🙂

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