Chunky Chocolate Chip Choice

This is a food review of Chunky Chocolate Chip cookies.    My GF option of choice, 3 weeks ago.   (Is it still a review if you hate its guts??   Just asking, for a friend.)

These are GF.   YAY!!

slob, humor, chocolate chip cookies

Self explanatory.


They are Non-GMO.   YAY!!

slob, humor, non-gmo

They’re also non-dairy.   Yay???

slob, humor, non-dairy cookies

I don’t have a problem with dairy.   (I better not say that too loud!!)   But for people who do, and are GF, these are available.

I gave them a fair shot, I really did.   But, they might as well be honest, and say. “Non food tasting.”

slob, humor, yucky cookies

Truly yucky.

This is all I could choke down force myself to eat, in about 3 weeks!   6 outta 9 cookies!!   And, you know how much I love my sweets and chocolate!!   So, you know, these are nasty!!

Good thing Pamela’s didn’t pay me for this review!   Or they would have stopped the check! And, they didn’t send me free cookies, either!

I’m just doing my civic duty for all my fellow GF warriors.    Don’t buy these!!   And if you do ignore my warnings, and try them, don’t call me crying when your taste buds pass a resolution to secede from your mouth!!

15 thoughts on “Chunky Chocolate Chip Choice

  1. Ha Ha – most of that ‘healthy’ stuff tastes like the manufacturers want to go bankrupt! I don’t even bother anymore, I am very capable, as I have proved on MANY occasions, of making my own crappy tasting, sugar-free, wheat-free, fat-free, dairy-free, pleasure-free cookies a lot cheaper!

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  2. John’s and DD2 have had to be gluten free now for about 13 years (darn celiac disease). We’ve tried so many of these kind of things. While Pamela’s baking mix is awesome, these kind of premade things suck! The best sweets so far are homemade. Pillsbury has a few new mixes out – the cakes are awesome! We haven’t tried the mix for chocolate chip cookies. We just don’t eat them any more. If I really want one, I go to the local bakery and get one since I don’t have to be GF.

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    • Oh wow! I hope I can get it down pat soon!
      I didn’t know that Pamela made baking mixes.
      The Udi’s chocolate cupcakes in the freezer section are wonderful!
      But, I HATE to cook, or bake, so I desperately try anything pre-made! But, those will NOT be purchased again by me!!
      WEll, I’m glad you have a way to feed your craving, if you get one. So, do you have a totally GF kitchen?

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      • We do. It was really difficult when they were diagnosed 15 years ago finding decent GF stuff. I can eat gluten and do if I’m out with others. If you eat at our house, it will be GF. After all these years, I’m used to it. They use Udi bread. Lean cuisine makes some which are GF. Walmart has a decent “Oreo” and sell quite a few GF items in a small GF section at reasonable price.

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