Coffee Cackles

I did it!   I thought of another Java Jokes title!!   Woo hoo me!!   Wonder if I can do it a third time??)

slob, humor, coffee meme

Wonder if they really fed the animals coffee???


slob, humor, coffee meme

That would be mine!


slob, humor, coffee meme

IKR?? Yup, had those days too!


slob, humor, coffee meme

Haha, forgot “Mark off to do list.”


slob, humor, coffee

So, basically coffee is life saving???

slob, humor, coffee meme



slob, humor, coffee meme

I’d say!

slob, humor, coffee meme

My sentiments exactly!


slob, humor, coffee meme



Wow, I had no idea how popular the coffee memes would be!    So, now I have to come up with yet another name!!

Pssst, Melinda!

Yeah?   What is it?

Look back up to meme #8.    We have confidence in you!

Awww!  Thanks so much!    Okay, folks, you heard it here first!   I can do it!!

10 thoughts on “Coffee Cackles

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