Omie ‘Omage

Number 1 thing in my life, is my love for, and my relationship with Jesus Christ, my Savior. So, actually, number 1 is not a thing, He’s a person!

Being an Omie (my grandmother name) is the 2nd greatest thing in my life!   So, actually #2 is not a thing either, it’s 2 people!  Tied for second place in my heart!

Being a wife was #2, until my girls were born!    Then, they were #2, until PP was born!!

Today, I’m paying ‘omage to being an Omie.

I just never could have imagined how becoming an Omie would affect my life.   Becoming a mother, profoundly changed my life.   Becoming an Omie, changed it again, by a thousand!!

slob, humor, fat feet

Fat feet in fence

PP’s feet


slob, humor, baby feet

Fat feet in fence

(I hate it when it copies the previous caption!!  I gotta figure this out!!)

PPJr’s feet


I always heard people say that being a grandparent was so much better than being a parent. It’s hard to believe, because being a parent is so wonderously incredible!    But, seeing that grand baby’s face, for the first time- unimaginable joy!!    Times a million!!!     Then, to have that joy doubled, by a second grand daughter, just makes my heart full to bursting!

The stress is less, because I know I’m not completely responsible for them!   {One reason parenthood is so terrifying!!}    But, all the joy is doubled, because the child of my body, now has children of her body!!    Just so amazingly loving!!

I look at those sweet little faces, and all I want to do is stare at them so hard, they’re imprinted on my eyeballs, just like they are imprinted on my heart!!

slob, humor, heart



slob, humor, heart


And kiss them and hug them till they know they are so precious, and loved!!  (Or, until I’m satiated, whichever comes first.   Hint, it’s not me being satiated!!)


I feel like I can do anything in the world, be anything for them.    (Even when my body says “Oh no, you cain’t!!   My mind still thinks, “Oh yes, I can!!”)

If you have grandchildren, I ain’t tellin ya nuttin you don’t already know!   For the rest of ya, just wait.   When it’s your turn, then you’ll know too!!

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