Pudding Pop’s Pink & Purple Party

YAY!!!   Pudding Pop’s having a party!!   A pink & purple party!   Fit for a princess!!

slob, humor, party invite

I had to take a pic of the screen again. sigh

I was so excited, to plan this party, and celebrate her birthday properly!!   Last year, her parents didn’t give her one, so I had to make up for 2 years in one!

So, being the savvy budgeteer that I am, I went straight to the Dollar Tree for all the supplies!

slob, humor, princess party supplies

I had to take a pic of the screen again. sigh

{Ooooohh, this is making me mad!!  The copying captions thing.}

Pretty, and prudent!   Can’t beat $1 each!   Thank God for the Dollar Tree!


AND, I wanted this pinata from Save-a Lot SO bad!!!!

slob, humor, pinata

Pink & Purple Party Pinata!

But, I didn’t have $17 extra.   And after all, who needs a pinata, when you have this???

slob, humor, princess centerpiece

Centerpiece, well, pic of a centerpiece! I was too lazy to set it up just for the pic!

Of course, some might be disappointed that they can’t swing at it with a bat!

The cake would be the most important, to me anyway!!    (Wonder where I can find a GF bakery in town??)

Then, PopPop blew me away, by coming over with this!!

slob, humor, pink and purple castle

PP’s very own pink and purple “cassel”!!

As you can see, she’s already moved in!   She was ecstatic when she saw her very own “cassel”!!!!


My little princess was pleased with all the pink and purpleness!!!

(A birthday party IS a holiday, right??!!)

14 thoughts on “Pudding Pop’s Pink & Purple Party

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