Cashew Ka-ching!

Awhile back, I ran into a super duper cashew deal at CVS.   I don’t normally shop there, but it’s sooo close to my house, and, if I buy something, I can get cash back, WITHOUT an ATM fee!!   Soooo, sometimes, I go there.

So, on this particular day, I was craving some ‘shews, ya know, cashews.   (Not to be mistaken for Jimmy Choo’s shoes.)

slob, humor, cashews

Sodium free! YAY!! And gluten free too!!


Then, when I printed out my coupons, I saw a deal appear, right before my very eyes!

slob, humor, receipt

YAY Coupons!!


The cashews were on sale, and I had a $2 nut coupon print out, and I had $2 extra bucks!!

8 1/2 oz of cashews for only $1.49!!    Ka-ching!!    (The sound of coupon, and cashew happiness!!)

8 thoughts on “Cashew Ka-ching!

  1. Wow – that is a great deal! And unsalted too – why don’t we get deals like that in the UK? Unsalted cashews are pretty expensive here and it’s hard to find ones that don’t taste like they have been sitting in a warehouse for 10 years.

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