Poor Post

I don’t have a post for today.  And I’m aggravated at myself.    I haven’t let that happen, since Jeffery died in Oct.   Which was an excellent reason to go dark!

But, since DD1 had PPJr, then went back to work a month later, I’ve been totally overwhelmed with helping her with 2 babies.   Then, being taxi service when she doesn’t have a car, and full time nanny when she doesn’t have child care, for one reason or another.  (Child care is outrageous!!   I know they deserve to make a living wage, since they are taking responsibility for your child, but how are you supposed to work and pay for child care, AND have enough left to live on??   For 2 kids, it’s $250 a week, at a licensed center!!   Hence, the necessity for me to keep them a lot!)

So, here is my poor excuse for a post.

Hopefully, I will have scared up something better by tomorrow.


19 thoughts on “Poor Post

  1. Hi – child care is high – and again I see the middle class suffers – because there is assistance for very low income and then wealthy can easily bring in nanny or select top centers – like our friends in CA had a place that included dance and so much extra –
    Anyhow – do not ever forget the gift you are to the kids – I know I am new here and I do not always leave super long comments for a first one – but this post resonated – because you see – I believe that the help you give (from their need and your availability and willing heart) well it is also a Divine way of bonding and getting your essence – you keep this in mind wth each drive – the time together is important even if commute –
    Further – when with the kids – as tiring and hard – there is value for both sides and later this could be seen as a huge blessing.
    Too often we just pass off our kids and while I like the structure and activity at many places – it is also just super sweet to maybe not have this option – ends up being more – I have seen this with my own kids (college age now) but sometimes needy situations end up leading us to better options even though not our first –
    Ok – enough from me!
    Have s great day

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  2. Ok – well following on from my own ramblings today about being a bad mother 🙂 You are doing a wonderful thing – there is nothing like family to look after the babies – but it must be hard too when it eats your time up. Just checked the Jeffrey link – sorry for your families loss – it must be really difficult for you and your sis.


  3. Hi BB FFM, At least there’s alliteration in the title. That means it definitely counts. Many people don’t work because of the reasons you stated. People give the money to a child care worker, so what is the point of working? BBFF J

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  4. You DID write today, and about a very important topic. Daycare is a necessary and very expensive demand. I feel for struggling young parents who have to pay out so much of their earnings. It’s wonderful you can and do help. As a nurse, I saw so many grandparents and even great-grandparents are pressed into service when they don’t really want to.

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  7. God given opportunity to bond with grandchildren is what I say- and hopefully DD1 will get a better job, so she can afford a day care of her choice. But to my mind, there is no substitute for family, if the family is in good health. For naps, everyone can nap together plus the kiddies running around and our running after them will give us 10K steps in a jiffy, right ?
    Woo hoo ! weight loss.

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    • Oh yes! Bonding with the babies is my cry! And yes- good health!! Oh yes, once I decide it’s nap time, usually The baby is on me, or in my arms. Sometimes PP is in bed with us too. Or sometimes she wants to be in “mine own bed.” Doesn’t matter to me- just sleep! When they spend the night, it’s all in one bed. Thankfully, I have a double size, not a twin! But does it really matter, when usually both are smack dab up against me?? No, but I love it!!

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