strange struggle

Right now, I’m struggling to post every day, due to circumstances going on.   Namely, having to babysit 2 grand babies, while my daughter, (DD1) works full time, without a vehicle!   Which mean Vanronica is running her little legs tires off!   And as taxi driver, I have to get up early, and stay awake late, to get everyone where they need to be on time!


We keep having sitter troubles, for one reason or another.  In Poor Post, I talked about the outrageous cost of day care.   There is help, but to get help, you first have to be working.   And to be working, you first have to have day care!!    Quite a fine catch 22 there!

And babysitting full time, or part-time even, is physically stressful for me, due to all my physical problems.  

I still haven’t posted about my latest fall, over a month ago now, or very much about my groin problem, which makes it difficult to even get up outta my recliner, much less get up with an 18 lb. baby in my arms!!   Sometimes, even when I do manage to pull myself upright, I can’t take a step, and just fall back into the recliner.   So, I need help whenever I have my darlings over.  And, requiring help makes it stressful on whoever is helping!   2 of my helpers, PopPop, and Rose, work full time themselves.

Anyway, when I have the girls, they require my constant attention.   Then, on my “off” days, all I want to do is sleep.   Last Sunday, I slept 22 of the 24 hours!!

So, cleaning the house, doing laundry, etc, falls to the wayside.  (And to my shame and embarrassment, it also means Kim’s Kwilt isn’t done either.   Poor girl!   Will she EVER be able to sleep under it??   I’ve learned the hard way, sewing when I’m tired only leads to double the work.)

And blogging??  As much as I love it, it falls way down on the priority list.  It bothers me to not have posts lined up, but I’m fully confident in my choices to put my daughter, and grand daughters first.   Blogging is NOT my life, they are.   Even though blogging is an important part of my life.

God is priority one, but I have even slipped some there.  On my “on” days, sometimes I don’t get up early enough to read my Bible, and pray first thing.   And, I’ve missed church the last 2 Sundays, because it was the only day I had to sleep.  God knows I can’t function in a state of sleep deprivation for very long.  Then, when I fall into bed at night, I’m so tired, my prayers are shortened, and then I’m zonked out.

I’m not saying all this to complain.   Just explaining what’s up with me lately.  Ya’ll know I’m nothing if not transparent!   Messes, warts and all!  I’ll tell ya more than ya ever wanted to know about what’s going on in my life!!

And exhaustion causes me to eat worse too,

slob, humor, peach fanta

The vast vat was almost empty when I remembered to stop and take the pic. Should I get another one to retake the pic???

slob, humor, ice cream sandwiches

These are ice cream sandwiches.


So then I feel worse, and the cycle goes on…

But, loving, and taking care of my 4 girls, (even though I’m too far away from DD2 to do anything physically for her, I love her and pray for her) is the right choice, and priority right now.   After all, PP and PPJr will only be little for 18 years!!  Lol

So, if I miss a day or two here and there, please bear with me.   I know y’all will, cuz y’all are the best!!   I try really hard to stay caught up, but something has to give.

Now that I’ve written this tome, I need to go do the dishes.   But, instead, I’ll probably go to bed!!  After all, dirty dishes will still be there tomorrow, a well rested me might not be!   (And yes, Claremary, I have used paper plates lately.  They just don’t make bottles and sippy cups in paper!!   Or pots…)

29 thoughts on “strange struggle

  1. Awesome update you even hit a note home to me your family and things come first before any thing else i tend to put you tube first and emails before doing any thing and when i cant i have a mountain to get through so end up deleting the some of them have a blessed day

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  2. Oh my goodness – what a massive challenge you have going on! Your other commenters are so right – you need to take care of you and that may mean worshipping God from your bed or your recliner. He will understand!

    And you are doing good for others, that counts as worship surely. Blogging does not matter, we will still be here to read your posts whenever you have the time and energy to get back on it.

    I have two very elderly parents to care for and there are times when I don’t read, write or comment for weeks! But I don’t stress about it any more – it’s the internet – it isnt ‘real’ life compared to your REAL life. Hope things get easier for you all somehow. xox


    • Thanks for the understanding, Gilly. That’s what I finally came to realize- that blogging is not the thing, people are!
      You have a lot on your plate too! I can’t imagine having to deal with both parents at once, like that.
      It’s all good now!


  3. Not sure if my comment came through or not – it usually says waiting in moderation or something. If you don’t have a comment from me sitting tapping its little feet in a waiting room somewhere, let me know and I will make it again. Really feel for you. x

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  4. It’s exhausting the first time around, I imagine it doesn’t get any easier the second! Hang in there and take all the new mom (new grandma??) advice: sleep when the baby sleeps, and don’t expect to get anything done except for keeping the kids alive for now. That’s a full-time job in itself.

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  5. Oh, my dear friend. I really do wish I was there with you. But you have your priorities right, Melinda. Family first. I only post once a week and I didn’t last week because I had nothing interesting to say and I had lots going on. don’t be hard on yourself. You’re right – you run your blog, it doesn’t run you. Get some rest and I’ll say some prayers for you tomorrow in Church, so sleep in – you’re covered. Love, Clare PS I am going to have to invent cardboard sippy cups. I’ll get back to you on that!

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