Java Joe Jokes

Combining the 2 names for coffee- is that cheating??   I challenge you to keep coming up with alliterative coffee cackle titles!!

My Sis-in-love, Shirley, has given me some more names, so look for more java jokes down the road!   Also, possibly more joe jokes, as well.    {Gotta cram ’em all in here!!}

slob, humor, coffee meme

Sub chocolate for coffee, and that’s me!


slob, humor, coffee meme

Right, Michelle??

slob, humor, coffee meme

Oh the agony!!


slob, humor, coffee meme

No doubt about it!



coff jesus

It’s hard to read cuz so little, but try anyway!

slob, humor, coffee meme


slob, humor, coffee meme

I feel like there’s a 3rd pic missing…

slob, humor, coffee meme

Don’t they ID in those places????


slob, humor, coffee meme


slob, humor, coffee meme



slob, humor, coffee meme

Me too, with ice cream bars!!


Let’s see what title I brew up next time!


15 thoughts on “Java Joe Jokes

  1. Me too (on the chocolate)! Not a coffee drinker myself, am I missing something that’s really great? I know a lot of people who have to have or either think they have to have coffee in the morning before they can do anything! Then it continues the rest of the day.

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