Tinier Tackle

I know I already talked about a tiny tackle. (L o n g time ago!)   But i wanted to talk about a tiny tackle again, but since THAT title was already taken, I had to use Tinier Tackle.   But, this tackle is not as tiny as that one, cuz this one involves bending over.   So, that tiny tackle is actually tinier than this tinier tackle, which should be named Tiny Tackle, but must be Tinier Tackle.   Got it??   Good!   Let’s go!

Umm, Melinda? 


I don’t really got it.

Don’t worry, I’m the one who said it, and I confused my own self!

On to the Tinier Tackle!

I used a wipee to clean several spots on the floor, that were REALLY bad!    Don’t everyone clap at once!!    And, as usual, no pix.  sigh   So, that was my tinier tackle today.

BUT!!   PP did some cleaning!!  Yes, she really did!!   On a tinier scale, than if I did it, but she did.    Wait, if she did ANY cleaning at all, then it’s not really a tinier scale, cuz I haven’t done any, (except the aforementioned wiping) in a long time.

So, the fact that she cleaned at all is a tackle of spectacular proportions, I’d say!!

Yeah, ok. Technically, I guess.

As you were saying… PP cleaned something?

Oh, yes!   She had spilled her Cheerios, ya know, the colorful fruity flavored ones??

We’re familiar, yes.  Go on.

Anyway, I told her to pick them up.   But, she didn’t want to.   Instead, she got the broom and swept them up!   That girl is one smart cookie!!

slob, humor, "clean" floor

“All clean!” PP proudly claimed!


Of course, there’s a little to be desired in the execution, but hey!  She just turned 3!!   And, to be fair, there is a large clear area in the middle!!

So that’s her tinier tackle of the day.  

Yay, us!


5 thoughts on “Tinier Tackle

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