Done Dark

I know I said I might have to go dark for a few days.   But, I just can’t do it!!    Even if I just have to write a Poor Post.   I just can’t let y’all down by being blank!!    

Is that pride??

Or is it being responsible??

Anyway, no post today.   I’m.just.too.tired.

slob, humor, tired

Yes, I really have my head in my plate. I TOLD you I was tired!!

But notice the napkin.   Anything for my wonderful readers!!    Even rice in my hair!   (Practicing for my next wedding I guess.   Bwahahahahahaha!!)

14 thoughts on “Done Dark

  1. I just adore you and your blog. Let me just tell you, I’ve been meaning to comment on here for quite a while now!!! This time around, I read your post and actually commented in the same sitting instead of trying to remember to do it later. And these days, trying to remember anything is practically laughable!

    I mean, I am such a space cadet. Just the other day,I kinda had to pee. So I sit down on the pot, and right away my mind starts wandering. Once I come back to reality, I seriously don’t recall peeing. Like at all.

    Gaaah, I’m so classy I can hardly stand it.


    Anywhoooo, just wanted to let you know you are one flipping AWESOME chica! Now you go get some rest! 😉🌷💕


  2. Awww – you poor thing!!!! I would be the same if I had to do what you are doing! Thinking of you – not that it will help you at all. I hope a ton of money lands in your lap and you can hire a nanny.

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    • Awww, thanks, Gilly! DAughter quit her job to try Ubering at nights, while Daddy will watch the girls. We’ll see how that works out! For at least this week, my time’s my own!! But, I will visit them!! Can’t go more than 3 days without some sugar!!

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