Religion? Relationship?

A new friend, and follower of mine, Lawson, writes about a variety of topics.  This one is so relevant to what is happening in too many churches today, that I had to re-blog it.  If you enjoy it, please go visit him!   He starts out by complimenting his home church, then goes on to discuss other churches.



“I want to start off by giving the biggest shout out to Coastal Church in Daphne, Alabama for not only touching my heart, but countless others. This non-denominational church stands for the fundamentals of the Bible and the ways of Jesus.”

slob, pastors

Pastor Chad and Jennifer Stafford


“I feel sorrow for the fact that there are many problems with a wide variety of churches today. My prayer is that one day there will be solidarity in the fundamentals of the Gospel. I want to discuss some of these issues.

I want to start with the most extreme problem churches. Many people have heard of Westboro Baptist Church.”

Go here to read the rest.

13 thoughts on “Religion? Relationship?

  1. Oh dear (smiles) not sure I should comment actually on that blog itself after my last post! 🙂 I have to be upfront and say I don’t consider myself to be a Christian – I am a humanist which encompasses ALL people and faiths.

    My religion is kindness to all living creatures (for example I won’t eat them) and a recognition of the good person at the core of every human. (Yeah – I sound like Mother Teresa.)

    That does not blind me to the dreadful behaviour of some people who commit awful crimes or the need for them to face the consequences – it just means I see the good person at the core who has developed very bad behaviour and I don’t judge. How can I know their story? Those people don’t need the extra burden of my judgement and it is not my job.

    I rarely set foot inside a church – my place of worship is everywhere. The kind of people I have always met in churches in the UK have left me cold – they usually talk the talk but fail miserably to walk the walk. Who knows why? But like I said, I don’t know their stories and thus I will not judge them.

    Kindness and compassion with a ‘do as you would be done by’ attitude is all we need to live peaceful lives beside each other and worship/thank the creator. There is so much we can do for others on a daily basis in the smallest of ways once we start to accept we are ALL in this together.

    The bible can be interpreted in whatever way people want. It has been so bent out of shape by some people you’d think it was a different book. But kindness is kindness and acceptance is acceptance. Be nice, smile often, don’t do ANYTHING to others that you would not want done to yourself. Conversely, try to give others what you need from them. It’s such a simple way to live and it works for me.


  2. i’ve always told people who have ears to hear that Christianity is not a religion. It’s a way of life and that life is what the Greek calls zoe (God’s kind of life eternal). Thank you, Melinda, for sharing this post. May your purples remain purplish beautiful for as long as you want them.

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