strange struggle

Right now, I’m struggling to post every day, due to circumstances going on.   Namely, having to babysit 2 grand babies, while my daughter, (DD1) works full time, without a vehicle!   Which mean Vanronica is running her little legs tires off!   And as taxi driver, I have to get up early, and stay awake late, to get everyone where they need to be on time!


We keep having sitter troubles, for one reason or another.  In Poor Post, I talked about the outrageous cost of day care.   There is help, but to get help, you first have to be working.   And to be working, you first have to have day care!!    Quite a fine catch 22 there!

And babysitting full time, or part-time even, is physically stressful for me, due to all my physical problems.  

I still haven’t posted about my latest fall, over a month ago now, or very much about my groin problem, which makes it difficult to even get up outta my recliner, much less get up with an 18 lb. baby in my arms!!   Sometimes, even when I do manage to pull myself upright, I can’t take a step, and just fall back into the recliner.   So, I need help whenever I have my darlings over.  And, requiring help makes it stressful on whoever is helping!   2 of my helpers, PopPop, and Rose, work full time themselves.

Anyway, when I have the girls, they require my constant attention.   Then, on my “off” days, all I want to do is sleep.   Last Sunday, I slept 22 of the 24 hours!!

So, cleaning the house, doing laundry, etc, falls to the wayside.  (And to my shame and embarrassment, it also means Kim’s Kwilt isn’t done either.   Poor girl!   Will she EVER be able to sleep under it??   I’ve learned the hard way, sewing when I’m tired only leads to double the work.)

And blogging??  As much as I love it, it falls way down on the priority list.  It bothers me to not have posts lined up, but I’m fully confident in my choices to put my daughter, and grand daughters first.   Blogging is NOT my life, they are.   Even though blogging is an important part of my life.

God is priority one, but I have even slipped some there.  On my “on” days, sometimes I don’t get up early enough to read my Bible, and pray first thing.   And, I’ve missed church the last 2 Sundays, because it was the only day I had to sleep.  God knows I can’t function in a state of sleep deprivation for very long.  Then, when I fall into bed at night, I’m so tired, my prayers are shortened, and then I’m zonked out.

I’m not saying all this to complain.   Just explaining what’s up with me lately.  Ya’ll know I’m nothing if not transparent!   Messes, warts and all!  I’ll tell ya more than ya ever wanted to know about what’s going on in my life!!

And exhaustion causes me to eat worse too,

slob, humor, peach fanta

The vast vat was almost empty when I remembered to stop and take the pic. Should I get another one to retake the pic???

slob, humor, ice cream sandwiches

These are ice cream sandwiches.


So then I feel worse, and the cycle goes on…

But, loving, and taking care of my 4 girls, (even though I’m too far away from DD2 to do anything physically for her, I love her and pray for her) is the right choice, and priority right now.   After all, PP and PPJr will only be little for 18 years!!  Lol

So, if I miss a day or two here and there, please bear with me.   I know y’all will, cuz y’all are the best!!   I try really hard to stay caught up, but something has to give.

Now that I’ve written this tome, I need to go do the dishes.   But, instead, I’ll probably go to bed!!  After all, dirty dishes will still be there tomorrow, a well rested me might not be!   (And yes, Claremary, I have used paper plates lately.  They just don’t make bottles and sippy cups in paper!!   Or pots…)

Fizzled Filing

slob, humor, filing

Filing system??

This is my filing system, as in- none that you’d notice!

That’s the top drawer, of my 2 drawer filing cabinet, which sits to the right of my computer armoire.   Along with the bookshelf on the left of the computer, it comprises my “office”   Where I do all my important “business.”   Ya know, play solitaire! 😉

slob, humor, solitaire

The game of the only lonelies!


This is the bottom drawer:

slob, humor, card filing

Designated card drawer

Filing system, you say??   {arched eyebrows}

Okay, okay, I know it doesn’t resemble a filing system, in any way, except that it’s all piled in a filing cabinet.

That’s where the “fizzled” part comes in.   I try to file, I have a place to file, I even put the papers in the filing spot.   So why does it all go wrong???

WAAAHHHHH!!   I want my mommy to make it all better!!

Here is my designated spot for unpaid bills.

slob, humor, bills

Unpaid bills.

Hey, at least I know where they are!!   Right??   That counts for something, right???

And here’s my shred spot.

slob, humor, shred pile

Under my computer. The burial yard for papers to shred.

And my recycling repository, the pre-taken out recycling, that is.   Hey, I’m busy here!   I’ll take it out later!    

I won’t hold my breath!

slob, humor, recycling

Recycling staging center


The fact that I have places for everything, and everything is in its place, must mean I’m organized now, right??   I have a filing system, it just … kinda… fizzled in the final execution.    (Speaking of execution, just shoot me now!!    I try so hard!!)

Nope, no resolution here.  Just the facts, that I know what I’m supposed to do, and I do it.   Sorta, but it’s still so far fizzled, that I’m not sure it can ever be real filing!!

So, the moral of the story is:  Don’t think you have a system, when it still doesn’t work.

So what is it that I have??  

Besides a huge mess??

Yes, besides a huge mess.

Maybe you have the skeleton of a filing system??

Hmmm, well, I do have the proper tools: a filing cabinet, and even some filing folders!!

slob, humor, file folder

Ah, yes it is indeed!! Love having my own castle!

(Even though my castle is not as picture perfect as PP’s!!)

So, what do I do now??   How do I flesh out my fizzled filing skeleton?    {Anybody else feel that skeleton should be an alliterating word here???}

If anyone lives in Fl, and can come help, PLEASE do!!   If you don’t live in Fl, and can help, PLEASE do!!

I’ll give you a nice chocolate chip GF cookie!!   😉

[Okay, I lied.  They are nasty!  Not nice!!   But I won’t really make you eat it!!]

Dr’s Donations

DD2, yes the Dr.!, left lots of stuff behind, when she graduated and began her “grownup real” life.   She was driving up to WV, to start her job, and couldn’t take everything with her.   That’s how I ended up with her full size bed.   (Can you imagine trying to drive all the way to WV, with a bed strapped to the roof of your car??   Wise choice, my girl!)

slob, humor, bed on car

Notice the arm clutching the mattress!   That’ll hold it for sure!!

Anything that she had outgrown as a student, and wouldn’t need as a professional.   Also, things from her apt that her new roomie already had.

As none of the clothes would fit me,

slob, humor, winky

You saw her in the grad. pix, she’s small!! But tall!

I tried first to give them to family members.   My nieces had already gotten new clothes for school, so no go there.   A few of the T-shirts were so small, PP could wear them as big sleep shirts.   The rest I donated to Salvation Army.

Shockingly, there were brand new school supplies!   Lol     Some of these went to Michelle’s Living Liberty Camp, which teaches kids the real history of the founding of America, including that our Founding Fathers were Christians!!   Others went to Harvest Church, for their back to school outreach.

The coffee pot went to SA, cuz I don’t drink the nasty brew.

The George Foreman grill, went to a friend of Rose’s.

(And did I remember to take pix of ANY of this??   Why nooooooo, of course not!)

The shoes were my size, in length, but my feet are nowhere near as skinny as hers!!    So, I even missed there.

However, the scarves!     Those, I could fit!!                                                                                   Too bad, I hate scarves.

slob, humor, frowny face

This is my not happy face.

Anyway, more stuff purged from my house!   YAY!!   (And it wasn’t even my stuff to begin with!   But, once it’s in the door, back out it’s got to go!)


Joe Jokes

It’s Monday again!!  Rise and shine, campers!!

How many more synonyms for coffee are there?  I gotcher java, and joe now.   What else can I dig up??

Here’s some more joe jokes, hopefully you won’t snort any coffee out your nose!   And if you do, I so hope you’re not at work!!

slob, humor, meme


slob, humor, coffee meme



slob, humor, coffee meme

So true.

slob, humor, coffee meme

Get it?

slob, humor, coffee meme

Right?? I’ve had some of those!!


slob, humor, coffee meme

Chocolate covered!!


slob, humor, coffee meme

Good morning, bright eyes!

slob, humor, coffee meme

Haha, that’s what I used to drink Coke for!

slob, humor, coffee meme

Oopsie, guess I’m not trustworthy then!

slob, humor, coffee meme

YES!! Oh yes!!





Let’s all raise our mugs to coffee!!

(Or not, if you’re like me and don’t drink the mess.)


Living Litter

Here are pix of how my living room looked on Father’s Day.

slob, humor, mess

A living litter pix, for sure.

Okay, technically, this is my “dining room”, but since it smack dab next to my living room, with no separation, I think you can bear with me!

slob, humor, mess

More living litter, edge of living room that abuts dining room.

(Yeah, same chair as in first pix, now just decorated with a pretty dress.  It wanted to dress itself up for the holiday!)


Can you say “litter”??   I know you can!     Yes, I’m a litter bug, even inside!

slob, humor, littered table

My recliner-side table. smh

I spread my special brand of mess hither and yon!

slob, humor, living in mess

What?? It’s a living room! WE live in it!


Okay, so someone needed to do something about this.   Volunteers??   Anyone??


So, it looked like it was up to the Little Red Hen, er, I mean the Big Purple Slob.

It was Father’s Day, not Mother’s Day, so no excuse to be lazy there.

I huffed, and I puffed, and I blew some mess down.

slob, humor, less mess

Ok, so that looks a” litter” better, right??


Well, I guess…..

Of course it does!   The “dressed” chair is gone, so is the green Publix bag, the box with shoes, and the pile on the TV tray is lower!!  It looks lots better!

slob, humor, clean patch of floor

Wow! Now I’m impressed! And it looks like you even swept too!


Thank you for noticing!

slob, humor, tidier

You even swept here too??


Why yes, I did!   I told you, I was the Little Red Henthe Big Purple Slob that day, cleaning like there was no tomorrow!


slob, humor, neater table

Last, but not least, my recliner side table is now usable!


(Nobody noticed that I didn’t show an “after” of the dining room, right??)

No, no one at all.

Whew!! Oh, good!!   Cuz the Big Purple Slob turned into the big lazy purple slob again, after I ran outta elbow grease, and peach Fanta!!

But, hey, the living room litter was less!!



Bars Begging

No, not that kind of bars!   I’m an alcoholic in recovery, remember??

A guy (I don’t want to embarrass him, so I won’t name him, but his initials are XH.) was over here helping me, and I was craving ice cream, so I asked him to go get me some ice cream bars.

This is what he brought me:

slob, humor, ice cream sandwiches

These are ice cream sandwiches.

Public Service Announcement:  These are sandwiches, not bars, which it clearly states on the box.

{Disclaimer: I really did take my own pix, but I have a brand new phone, and for some reason, I can’t get them to download, and my tech guy is asleep because it’s very, very late for him, very, very early for me.  So, anyway, I had to cheat and get Gmail images.  Sorry.}

So, I described to him what I really wanted, (and asked for by name!!) and said, what do you call those??   He said, “I don’t know, this is what I thought you wanted, they’re in a bar.”


“Thanks, hon.  I appreciate you getting me ice cream.” says I.

Then, later that afternoon, a different guy came over to help me, so I asked him to go get me some ice cream bars.   AND  I described it again.

“Ya know, vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate?” I begged.

And this is what HE brought me:

slob, humor, ice cream sandwiches

These are ice cream sandwiches.

Yeah, EXACT same thing.

I said, “These are sandwiches, not bars.  I asked for bars.”

He said “Yeah, well, these are bar shaped.   It’s what ya got.  Now enjoy.”


So “Thanks, hon.  I appreciate you getting me ice cream.” says I.   (We don’t use pet names like that.)

And I definitely am NOT gonna identify him!!   I need my tech guy!!   (Oopsie!!)

slob, humor, ice cream

This is what I BEGGED for!!

slob, humor, ice cream

This is what I BEGGED for!!

(Notice it say “BARS” clearly on the box????)



Anybody got a female to male translation dictionary I can have???

Poor Post

I don’t have a post for today.  And I’m aggravated at myself.    I haven’t let that happen, since Jeffery died in Oct.   Which was an excellent reason to go dark!

But, since DD1 had PPJr, then went back to work a month later, I’ve been totally overwhelmed with helping her with 2 babies.   Then, being taxi service when she doesn’t have a car, and full time nanny when she doesn’t have child care, for one reason or another.  (Child care is outrageous!!   I know they deserve to make a living wage, since they are taking responsibility for your child, but how are you supposed to work and pay for child care, AND have enough left to live on??   For 2 kids, it’s $250 a week, at a licensed center!!   Hence, the necessity for me to keep them a lot!)

So, here is my poor excuse for a post.

Hopefully, I will have scared up something better by tomorrow.


Florida Flippancies

I found all these on FB.   So funny!!   This is the real Florida!

slob, humor, Fl. meme

Yeah, we have that down here.

slob, humor, Fl. meme

Bwahahaha!! Thank goodness they only featured the feet!!

slob, humor, Fl. meme

Oh yeah!! And they climb fences too!!

slob, humor, Fl. meme

Sad, but true!

slob, humor, Fl. meme

I don’t know why not?? Gator wrestling is so big!!

slob, humor, Fl. meme

Oh no, my future???

slob, humor, Fl. meme

Lobster boy!

slob, humor, Fl. meme

Go turtle!!

slob, humor, Fl. meme

Yeah, yeah, that’s the ticket! Kentucky Fry chicken yourself!


And one more for the road….

slob, humor, Fl. meme

Ahhhh, yes, indeed!


Florida Flippancies to flip (flop) over!


Cashew Ka-ching!

Awhile back, I ran into a super duper cashew deal at CVS.   I don’t normally shop there, but it’s sooo close to my house, and, if I buy something, I can get cash back, WITHOUT an ATM fee!!   Soooo, sometimes, I go there.

So, on this particular day, I was craving some ‘shews, ya know, cashews.   (Not to be mistaken for Jimmy Choo’s shoes.)

slob, humor, cashews

Sodium free! YAY!! And gluten free too!!


Then, when I printed out my coupons, I saw a deal appear, right before my very eyes!

slob, humor, receipt

YAY Coupons!!


The cashews were on sale, and I had a $2 nut coupon print out, and I had $2 extra bucks!!

8 1/2 oz of cashews for only $1.49!!    Ka-ching!!    (The sound of coupon, and cashew happiness!!)