Declutterathon Daze

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This is gonna be W A Y different today!    So brace yourself.

I’m decluttering not physical things today, but habits, actions, thoughts….

Bad habits are automatic, and I just do them without even realizing it.    For example, I get 2 ice cream bars at once.   When I’m done, I blink, look down, and they’re both gone.     What just happened??    I usually have no memory of even eating but 1, sometimes neither, to tell the truth.   So, I need to only get 1 at the time, from the freezer.   That way, I have to walk back to the kitchen for the second, and that will give me enough time to recall eating the last one.

How about none??      [ignoring]

Also, walking to the kitchen in between treats, will declutter a tiny bit of laziness too.   Double score!!

And just maybe, I’ll choose something other than ice cream.

Yeah, right!     This I gotta see!

Okay, smarty pants!    Look here!!     See that??    

slob, humor, apple     It’s an apple!!    {In a pig’s mouth!!}

Update:  Gilly made me promise to never refer to myself as a pig again.   Degrading myself is a habit I need to declutter right now!


Well, color me surprised!     Surprised     {Is that the color of surprised??}

And I really did eat it all!!    See??      As a matter of fact, I ate 2!!    Go me!     Scored 2 tiny points for health!

slob, humor, healthy choice



Today!     And only because you were outta ice cream bars.





That’s all that counts, today.     And I coulda gone to the store, but right now I chose wisely. Now all I need to do is keep it up!     Reminder to self:  One day, one apple at a time.

Out of the daze maze, and ready to go forth and declutter some more stuff!       Onward, clutter warriors!




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Declutterathon Dash

slob, decluttering, challenge

Today I’m gonna dash right thru this little session.     I’m decluttering the rat’s nest beside my bed.

slob, humor, clutter     The compulsory roll of tp,    In case you don’t make it to the potty????     NO!!     ICK!!    It’s for my nose!!     I guess I could do without the used wads.     That would be nice!

The trash is a no-brainer, and possibly I don’t need 3 deodorants, at once anyway!!      The pills are necessary, and the back scratcher, and the book.     But the book doesn’t need to be there, you never read in bed anymore.     And you do have such a lovely not crammed bookshelf, right over there!     {helpfully points}

slob, humor, declutteringslob, humor, declutteringslob, humor, decluttering

The necklace can be banished, probably the fabric scrap too.      But what about the french fry??     Won’t PP notice that’s missing??     Probably not till she makes burgers!

Okay, I’ve documented the mess, time {See what I did there??} for the decluttering to begin!!

Timer set: 15 minutes.      GO!

And she’s off to the races!

Huff, puff, blow down the clutter!

Almost done!    When is that timer gonna ding??     This is the longest 15 minutes of my life, without any fame, even!

*Looks at timer.*   slob, humor, facepalm      Let me guess.     {crossly}   You don’t have to guess, you know what I did!    Moving on!

slob, humor, not clutter     Good thing I did this!     I had 2 sets of duplicate bottles!!      Clutter be gone!       slob, humor, expired      3 expired supplements.     Not good, Melinda.    I know, I know.     Well, I won’t be taking those anymore.     Wonder if that’s why your tongue turned green??

slob, humor, clutter?     Aha!    I wondered where the key to my heart went.      Cute.

slob, humor, decluttering



2 more pairs of scissors??    When you already have 2 pairs in your office, not 6 feet away??      But the big ones are sewing scissors!   Very necessary!!     And you couldn’t put them in your sewing room, not even 3 feet away, because??????      Never mind, back to their respective places now.



slob, humor, not clutter!      Wow, this Declutterathon is certainly turning out to be lucrative!!  Thanks, Queen Anne!!    It really does pay to clean your house!      

slob, humor, decluttering      Just exactly how many finger, and toe nails do you have anyway?    This is the fourth pair we’ve found!     To the bathroom cabinet they go.

slob, humor, not clutter, just homeless



So slobby sewing supplies.    Sent to sewing supply space.





slob, humor, clutter      The third phone we’ve found!      Maybe you need to add hoarder somewhere in your name??

slob, humor, not clutterYummy!    Chocolate scented dog Sister sent me!      Not clutter at all!!       I agree!    Chocolate is one of the basic food groups!     Ya NEVER get rid of chocolate!

slob, humor, decluttered      Since when do TV trays have 8 legs??      Ya know, I never even noticed that 2nd one was there!       *eye roll*     Why am I not surprised??

slob, humor, clutter




To be sent to the shed shortly.

{Update:  it’s been banished.}



Look what else I found.      slob, humor, clutter       What??    Doesn’t everyone use their pill organizer as a safe deposit box??

Time for the big reveal!     Feast your eyes on this!

slob, humor, decluttered      So, so pretty!      slob, humor, decluttered        There, doesn’t that look so much better?

Yes, I admit it does.    And look!     slob, humor, better than tp roll       I even upgraded to real tissues!

My, my!     We are going all out!!

And the Declutterathon dash is done for this day.



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Declutterathon Downunder

slob, decluttering, challenge


Down under- the crib- that is!     It’s a mess all over the place up in here!!    

Haha!   I squeezed  1 more day outta decluttering from my chair!

*GASP*    No way!!

Yup!    XH came over to bring me the tp

WHAT??    You ran outta tp??     Oh, I’m so sorry!!    I didn’t realize how bad things were!!     Are you okay??

Yeah, I’m fine.     God has delivered me from the spirit of fear.     It’s from the devil, not God!     2 Timothy 1:7  “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”    KJV

Wow, ok!     That’s great!!

Anyway, he brought in the tp, so I asked him to “Hand me that, push over the crib, hand me that please?? ”   “Could you put the suitcase in the closet, since you’re right there?”      Hee hee, sneaky me, he handed everything to me, and I didn’t have to get up!     (For those of you that are worried I’m now grown into the fabric of the chair, I do get up for potty breaks, and food.    So, I’m good, ok?!)     {Bonus- I gave him back his book, and his pack of pix!!}

Here’s how it started out.

slob, humor, clutterslob, humor, declutteringslob, humor, clutterslob, humor, clutter

Hey bud, eyes down.   Down under the crib.    Don’t be looking up there on the dresser.   Today is Downunder, not Dresser Day.    {Also, don’t look IN the crib- that’s my staging area for all the clutter leaving this room.}

Contents of 1 shopping bag:

slob, humor, decluttering     Good stuff- party goods, just clutter in its present location.    Yes, I actually took it to its place in the kitchen!!    


I know!!     Walking ALL the way down the hall!!

Oh, you did it on your way to the kitchen for an ice cream bar, didn’t you??

Maybe…    Whatever, I did it!   That’s all that counts!

slob, humor, clutter     This bag held surprises.   1 happy, 1 sad.

YAY!     Oh no!      What??    What??

I’ll show ya.    slob, humor, not clutter!      I’m guessing this is the happy??     Oh yeah!     slob, humor, decluttering     Uh, oh!     Is that what I think it is??     Sadly, yes.    And I don’t think that 32 cents is gonna cover the fine.       

slob, humor, giphy

Now I really wanna cry!



I’m thinking I best start lo-jacking my library books!!




slob, humor, declutteringslob, humor, decluttering     Decluttered one of these post cards immediately, by writing it, and addressing it.     And how’s this for serendipity- the postcards stamps were with!     Down right delightful!

slob, humor, clutter    Cushion from PP’s newest car seat.    Eeh, she’s gotten along with out it this long, see ya!!

slob, humor, NOT clutter!



Aww, looky there!    PP is lending me a helping hand!





slob, humor, definitely clutterslob, humor, definitely clutter      Now that is just completely wild!!    How in this world do I still have that from my original wedding 32 years ago???     That won’t happen again, unless trash develops the ability to teleport…..

slob, humor, decluttering     A sweet lil castle for PP.   Still not sure what to do with it, but I’m keeping it!

slob, humor, decluttering     Ah! I’ve been wondering where this was!     Sis-in-love, Shirley, gave it to me!     And now that it’s been unearthed, I’m gonna make sure I use it!

slob, humor, definitely not clutter




I love it, really!!     I just didn’t know where it was!




slob, humor, clutter     No words.    smh      But the measuring spoons won’t be back to puzzle me again.    Sayonara!     The tool isn’t mine, so I best keep it!


It was a mess all over the place up in here!!    But less mess now, thanks to the Declutterathon!!     Taking out the messes 15 minutes at a time!




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Declutterathon Dumped

slob, decluttering, challenge

No!   The Declutterathon was NOT dumped!    I dumped the drawer out on the floor!     The bottom drawer of the filing cabinet, to be exact.    

My erstwhile “card” drawer.    And indeed, there were many, many cards in there!

But also this!    slob, humor, clutter     Yup, the same dead llama.    I guess it chose its final resting place a BIT unwisely.    

Who choose it??   {archly}

[crossly]    Oh, alright, I did it.    I dumped it in there yesterday, so I wouldn’t have to deal with it.

And now?

Now, I have to really decide where to put it.   <sigh>     I don’t really wanna get rid of it….   so memory box it is.    As long as it fits, I’m still good!

Oh no!   What is this?    More animals??

slob, humor, animals

A whole cascade of Christmas, gifts, ornaments, cards, and the tags from the other day, that I also tossed in there, to avoid!

slob, humor, ornamentsslob, humor, Christmas

Can’t show the gifts!    Some of the people might read this!    Sshh!!

A scarf, for playing dress up, candy sprinkles, 1 tiny ornament, and a cardboard box- ended up dumped in the trash.

slob, humor, trash     I can’t believe I actually threw something purple away!    But, it’s more trouble than its worth, to try to remember to take it out to the bins in the workshop!

Other finds; a trio of tiny bins, a music cd, which I promptly popped into the player, and fell in love with!!   slob, humor, music

A tag surrender affidavit, which I filed in my newly decluttered important paper filing drawer!!

I used one of the tiny bins, and then put the remaining 2, and the now empty white one in the donate pile.     slob, humor, not clutter- it's purple!    Look Mom- no llama!

I kept all these cards:   slob, humor, cards  And the 8 that were to me, ended up in the memory box.


And I kept going!    Only long enough to do this:

slob, humor, back on track and closed     Put it back on track!!    And close it.

I just wanna say…    

What now??   What is wrong this time??      

Chill!!    I just wanna say, Great job!    I’m proud of you!

[mollified]     Wow, okay.   Thank you for noticing!

Thus endeth the tale of today’s Declutterathon .



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Mixed Memes

Another Monday already??     They sure do seem to come quite regularly!      Yep, nearly every 7 days!!

Today’s Meme Theme is A, B, C, D.

The A’s.

slob, humor, meme

Yes, please!!!

slob, humor, meme

All the winkys!

The B’s.

slob, humor, meme


slob, humor, meme

slob, humor, meme

Best friends don’t let friends bare their bums!

slob, humor, meme

This is a B and a C.


The C’s.


slob, humor, meme


slob, humor, meme

Cupcake- key to all happiness?

slob, humor, meme

Crazy lady- hey! I do NOT live in her house!


Da D.

slob, humor, meme

Deadlifts- yeah, ME!!


Not out right laughed out loud, but eh, I chuckled.

Mixed emotions about my memes, Monday.


Declutterathon Divided

slob, decluttering, challenge


And away we go!!    Since someone complained about me making up words, I decided to use a “real” one today.     I’m doing the filing cabinet, but instead of searching for a word, I just went the lazy easy route, and used a related word.   So, are we all good to go?

All good.

Thanks, here we go!

The top of the filing cabinet.

slob, humor, top of filingslob, humor, right top of filing     Threw away the open cracker box, and candy .  

Cuz you were afraid they were stale??    {sarcastically}

No, cuz I remembered I have creepy crawly friends, and I don’t wanna eat their leftovers.

Good thinking!!    Maybe next time you could remember that BEFORE you leave out open food???

[sniff, ignore]

Kept the coloring pages for PP, but put them inside the drawer, for neatness.

slob, humor, not clutter     Great!


Okay, here’s the top drawer, in all its shame.

  slob, humor, oh yeah its clutter    See how its divided?    From whence came today’s title.

slob, humor, not mine!   Another animal??   Are ya kiddin??     But this one’s not mine!!    I have no idea how one of Mama’s giraffes got here in my filing drawer!   It probably followed the llama from 3 days ago, and got lost.    So, it’ll be returned shortly??     ASAP!!     I can’t afford the care and feeding of a giraffe!!     Update:  It has been trucked back to its owner.

This is pretty!!      slob, humor, not clutter Yup, a Christmas present that never was given.    

slob, humor, frowny face

This is my not happy face.

 There’s always another December coming!      Speaking of that, here’s a graduation present from last December as well.        slob, humor, not mine           Reckon she’ll get it by THIS December?                   Hope springs eternal.


YES!!   [fist pump]   A massage certificate!!

slob, humor, certificate

slob, humor, expired    NOOOO!!!!    How can it be expired????      {wailing and gnashing of teeth}

But here’s some good news!     slob, humor, not expired     At least the coupon isn’t expired.          yay     whoop di do       who cares

More un-given presents:   slob, humor, not clutter

Magazines, thumb drives, medical papers by the metric ton….

and this.  slob, humor, important    Finally!!    Something that belongs in a filing cabinet, not the ark!

Ya know, I spent 45 minutes on de-cluttering, and guess what I ended up with?

A cleaner, emptier divided filing cabinet, I’m guessing??

slob, humor, no more clutter    Look Mama, no more clutter!!      Besides that.

0912160058    Another shred pile!!     <sigh>    But at least, I only have a very small action stack!    slob, humor, action stack      To do list, or whatever ya call it.    YAY.

And this gave me a smile.    slob, humor, a don't pay bill!     A bill where they owed ME money!!   How often does THAT happen??    I wrote “Thank You, Jesus!”    Maybe you should frame that one!

Then, I looked down, and saw this.    slob, humor, lots clutter

Oh no!!    Not going there today!!    I did not just do overtime, I did triple time!!    Stick a fork in me, I am DONE!!

It’ll still be there tomorrow!     Mwuahahaha!



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Declutterathon Da-shred?

slob, decluttering




slob, humor, clutter  pile.   slob, humor, clutter

Here we begin to be weary of the dumb “D” words, that are not really words, Melinda!!

But I tried wracking my brain, but that was just too painful!

Another thought?


Try this.

slob, humor, help

Thanks!!  You saved all the strain on my gray matter!     Okay, how’s “disunite’??

Too late now, you already hit publish!   Everyone’s already read it, and think you’re kooky for making up words.

I think they were already well aware before today!

As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, [clears throat, gives severe look], today we’re gonna tackle the shred pile, under the desk.    AND, since we have no shredder, it has to be done by hand.    So, we are for realz gonna set the timer, AND start it this time!!

Rip, shred, disunite, tear…….


Wow!  At least I reduced it to this smaller heap.

slob, humor, smaller pile    Good going!!                  Thanks!!                      Welcome.   Now, get going!

Resets timer.    Resumes tearing.

Wonder why I had a note to myself in the shred pile??

slob, humor, shred

Good question!!

All done!   With 8 minutes left on the timer!!    

Do you mean to tell me I HAND shredded that whole pile in only 21 minutes??


Then WHY did I wait so long????

{Opens mouth to answer…}

Never mind!

Now the bottom two shelves of the desk are empty!!   YAY!!    Thank you Queen Anne for the challenge!

slob, humor, decluttered


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