Excised Exercise

Today we’re on a horrific topic.  It has caused untold pain throughout the centuries.

Exercise.   Ugh   I want the word “exercise” excised from human’s vocabulary!!   Who’s with me???   (The removal by cutting definition, not the tax one!!)

Saddle up, boys, here we go!    {Notices half the crowd left standing there…}

Oh hey, I meant girls too, of course!

slob, humor, exercise meme

slob, humor, exercise meme

(Haha! Figured out how to outsmart that “copy the caption” thingy!!  Don’t have any!    Bwahahaha!!)


slob, humor, exercise meme

Hey Will, we gotta talk…..

slob, humor, exercise meme

She is too cute!!

slob, humor, exercise meme

I don’t get this one.  But, it came up under exercise meme.   Anybody explain it to me?

slob, humor, exercise meme

Me too, Jim, me too!

slob, humor, exercise meme

That’s what I’ve been saying for decades now!!    Why won’t anyone listen????

slob, humor, exercise meme

{RIP Gene!}

slob, humor, exercise meme

Lol!   This one I get!

slob, humor, exercise meme

YES!!  I did!!   But someone knew CPR!

slob, humor, exercise meme

I sense some hostility here!


I hope you are all having a great Labor Day!!   

Don’t exercise too hard!!   (Except your laugh muscles!!)


22 thoughts on “Excised Exercise

  1. I can’t wait until I am mega-rich and have someone do it for me! (Exercise.)

    Happy Labour Day! We don’t have a specific day for celebrating labour, we do it every day when the alarm clock goes off as in “Yay – I’ve got to get up and labour again for a whole 12 hours – can’t wait!”

    The closest we get to a Labour Day in the UK is May Day which, according to Wiki, has become linked to International Workers’ Day. How do we celebrate? By dancing round a pole. (A pole in the ground, not a person from Poland.)

    Oh yes, and some men (called Morris Dancers) dress up in silly clothes and dance towards each other wielding sticks with bells on. No they don’t hit each other with them, they knock their sticks together so the bells jingle. Cute. Well anyway, enjoy Labour Day – I am sure you will be doing something more sensible like absolutely NOTHIN’ with a cup of coffee in your hand. 🙂

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    • Hey, an exercise surrogate, like a labor surrogate- brilliant!!
      Haha, I’m familiar with May Day. Dancing around a Polish person might be fun too, tho! 😉
      But, I haven’t ever heard of the Morris Dancers. ACK! My education is woefully lacking!
      Actually, don’t faint, I did some real labor!! Mama and I worked more on cleaning! NOW, I’m sitting on my butt!!

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  2. This is sadly funny and true for many people! I will have to brag that I stand-up paddled this weekend, twice, each time going out for 90 minutes (flexes biceps…that are now sore, LOL!) Yes, I’m slightly addicted to some kind of workout, exercise or sport. Maybe there’s a 12-step program for it…but then it would be a 10,000 step program bwahhhaaahaaaaa! Great post, Melinda!

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  4. I am leaving a comment from a comment you left on redheadmom8.com.

    I was laughing so hard when you said you used a red pen and circled all the grammatical errors on your boyfriend’s letter.
    I did this too when my friend would write me notes in high school.
    I gave them all back to her after corrected.

    The world needs more Grammar Nazis.

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