Declutterathon Dumped

slob, decluttering, challenge

No!   The Declutterathon was NOT dumped!    I dumped the drawer out on the floor!     The bottom drawer of the filing cabinet, to be exact.    

My erstwhile “card” drawer.    And indeed, there were many, many cards in there!

But also this!    slob, humor, clutter     Yup, the same dead llama.    I guess it chose its final resting place a BIT unwisely.    

Who choose it??   {archly}

[crossly]    Oh, alright, I did it.    I dumped it in there yesterday, so I wouldn’t have to deal with it.

And now?

Now, I have to really decide where to put it.   <sigh>     I don’t really wanna get rid of it….   so memory box it is.    As long as it fits, I’m still good!

Oh no!   What is this?    More animals??

slob, humor, animals

A whole cascade of Christmas, gifts, ornaments, cards, and the tags from the other day, that I also tossed in there, to avoid!

slob, humor, ornamentsslob, humor, Christmas

Can’t show the gifts!    Some of the people might read this!    Sshh!!

A scarf, for playing dress up, candy sprinkles, 1 tiny ornament, and a cardboard box- ended up dumped in the trash.

slob, humor, trash     I can’t believe I actually threw something purple away!    But, it’s more trouble than its worth, to try to remember to take it out to the bins in the workshop!

Other finds; a trio of tiny bins, a music cd, which I promptly popped into the player, and fell in love with!!   slob, humor, music

A tag surrender affidavit, which I filed in my newly decluttered important paper filing drawer!!

I used one of the tiny bins, and then put the remaining 2, and the now empty white one in the donate pile.     slob, humor, not clutter- it's purple!    Look Mom- no llama!

I kept all these cards:   slob, humor, cards  And the 8 that were to me, ended up in the memory box.


And I kept going!    Only long enough to do this:

slob, humor, back on track and closed     Put it back on track!!    And close it.

I just wanna say…    

What now??   What is wrong this time??      

Chill!!    I just wanna say, Great job!    I’m proud of you!

[mollified]     Wow, okay.   Thank you for noticing!

Thus endeth the tale of today’s Declutterathon .



Queen Anne’s Day   9


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