Declutterathon Downunder

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Down under- the crib- that is!     It’s a mess all over the place up in here!!    

Haha!   I squeezed  1 more day outta decluttering from my chair!

*GASP*    No way!!

Yup!    XH came over to bring me the tp

WHAT??    You ran outta tp??     Oh, I’m so sorry!!    I didn’t realize how bad things were!!     Are you okay??

Yeah, I’m fine.     God has delivered me from the spirit of fear.     It’s from the devil, not God!     2 Timothy 1:7  “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”    KJV

Wow, ok!     That’s great!!

Anyway, he brought in the tp, so I asked him to “Hand me that, push over the crib, hand me that please?? ”   “Could you put the suitcase in the closet, since you’re right there?”      Hee hee, sneaky me, he handed everything to me, and I didn’t have to get up!     (For those of you that are worried I’m now grown into the fabric of the chair, I do get up for potty breaks, and food.    So, I’m good, ok?!)     {Bonus- I gave him back his book, and his pack of pix!!}

Here’s how it started out.

slob, humor, clutterslob, humor, declutteringslob, humor, clutterslob, humor, clutter

Hey bud, eyes down.   Down under the crib.    Don’t be looking up there on the dresser.   Today is Downunder, not Dresser Day.    {Also, don’t look IN the crib- that’s my staging area for all the clutter leaving this room.}

Contents of 1 shopping bag:

slob, humor, decluttering     Good stuff- party goods, just clutter in its present location.    Yes, I actually took it to its place in the kitchen!!    


I know!!     Walking ALL the way down the hall!!

Oh, you did it on your way to the kitchen for an ice cream bar, didn’t you??

Maybe…    Whatever, I did it!   That’s all that counts!

slob, humor, clutter     This bag held surprises.   1 happy, 1 sad.

YAY!     Oh no!      What??    What??

I’ll show ya.    slob, humor, not clutter!      I’m guessing this is the happy??     Oh yeah!     slob, humor, decluttering     Uh, oh!     Is that what I think it is??     Sadly, yes.    And I don’t think that 32 cents is gonna cover the fine.       

slob, humor, giphy

Now I really wanna cry!



I’m thinking I best start lo-jacking my library books!!




slob, humor, declutteringslob, humor, decluttering     Decluttered one of these post cards immediately, by writing it, and addressing it.     And how’s this for serendipity- the postcards stamps were with!     Down right delightful!

slob, humor, clutter    Cushion from PP’s newest car seat.    Eeh, she’s gotten along with out it this long, see ya!!

slob, humor, NOT clutter!



Aww, looky there!    PP is lending me a helping hand!





slob, humor, definitely clutterslob, humor, definitely clutter      Now that is just completely wild!!    How in this world do I still have that from my original wedding 32 years ago???     That won’t happen again, unless trash develops the ability to teleport…..

slob, humor, decluttering     A sweet lil castle for PP.   Still not sure what to do with it, but I’m keeping it!

slob, humor, decluttering     Ah! I’ve been wondering where this was!     Sis-in-love, Shirley, gave it to me!     And now that it’s been unearthed, I’m gonna make sure I use it!

slob, humor, definitely not clutter




I love it, really!!     I just didn’t know where it was!




slob, humor, clutter     No words.    smh      But the measuring spoons won’t be back to puzzle me again.    Sayonara!     The tool isn’t mine, so I best keep it!


It was a mess all over the place up in here!!    But less mess now, thanks to the Declutterathon!!     Taking out the messes 15 minutes at a time!




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